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London Fashion Week: Fyodor Golan Autumn/Winter 2012

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It is always exciting when a designer, in this case two; Fyodor Podgorny and Golan Frydman, brings real theatricality to their London Fashion Week presentation. 

Half catwalk, half light show, Fyodor Golan presented a collection inspired by Russian Royalty and insects. Shape, fabric, and colour knew no limitations as pieces were structured, embellished, flowing, sheer, knitted, metallic, fringed, armoured; but what the collection lacked in continuity, it sure made up for in panache.Wearable pieces included gowns that resembled black tie suits, and dresses with sheer panelling, whilst less wearable outfits included glitter body paint.

The inspiration behind the collection was cited as the idea of Russian Princess Anastasia and her transformation from royalty to peasantry, and how butterflies and beetles also undergo transformations. The range of influences and translation into materials gives real depth to the collection, and allows for a credible experimentation into different materials and treated fabrics. Highlights include Mongolian velvet, quilted leather, and bleached and woven structures. Colours range from bright butterfly reds and oranges, to electric frog-green, balanced out with elegant monochrome and dark blues. Outfits were finished with heavy nose rings and insect jewellery by Alexandra Druzhinin.

Images: Getty

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