The fashion shopping secret you need to know about

News | | Leave a Comment has launched a unique shopping feature that allow consumers to reserve sales items before they actually go on sale.

By simply switching to Preview Sales Mode, shoppers can browse through retailers full price products and by simply clicking the heart icon next to a product, the item will be saved and as soon as the price drops, an alert will be sent out.

Imagine you’re after a Radley handbag. You could monitor different sites on a daily basis however, once it goes on sale, it may be sold out within hours and you may miss out. Or what if you get one, but find a way better offer afterwards from a retailer you didn’t know of. These, and many more issues, means Christmas sales can come with a lot of stress, and a lot of missed opportunities.

In response to this, users can now browse Radley handbags and filter down to find the ones they like. Subsequently, by simply clicking on the heart icon, the items are added to your alerts and as soon as the price falls, you’ll be notified.

The feature was introduced to address all the problems people face with shopping and whether or not to wait for a bargain:

1) FOMO – fear of missing out. Nobody wants to miss out on deals for the products they want, whether for themselves or for a gift. Our feature means this doesn’t happen as you’ll get an alert for everything you have added.

2) Time – hunting for offers on the products you want is time consuming, to say the least. Getting through it all takes a lot of time, during which you’ll probably miss out. Getting alerts means you can focus your attention specifically on what you want.

3) Decision making stress – using the tool means you have it all covered up front and can make easy decisions on buying.

4) Retailer websites – once the sale is on, by the time you found what you’re looking for, the item(s) may be sold out already. With our alerts, you’ll click straight through to the product, saving precious time and massively reduce the risk of missing out.

5) Confidence when buying – knowing you have got a good deal is key. Our feature gives you confidence that you’ll be getting what you want at a great price.

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