Dreaming of CHANEL handbags? Don’t give in to a fake this Christmas

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While outwardly we talk about Christmas as a time of giving to loved ones, the truth is many of us also consider it as a much-deserved time to indulge. Whether it’s a strategically-placed wishlist share; broadcasting across Facebook the items you love to those who love you; or an inward acknowledgement that you WILL have that Chanel you saved for all year around, it’s important to shop smart.

What does ‘shopping smart’ mean?  When it comes to indulging in luxury goods increasingly it means making sure that you are actually getting…luxury goods.

These days there are so many websites dedicated to selling ‘discount’ versions of your favourites…Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Christian Louboutin.  Offer with a ‘Cheap’ or ‘Discount’ in the URL. And in almost every single instance, these will disappoint you as a fake.

If you want to get a genuine item that exceeds your everyday budget then your best bet is to consider ‘pre-owned’ or ‘pre-loved’ goods in a resale marketplace – where luxury goods typically resell at by 50-70% of their original price.  At Vestiaire Collective we check the authenticity of all items bought and sold through our website. Our experts in Paris offer the following tips for identifying a counterfeit luxury bag:

Go to the shops. Make sure you familiarise yourself with a new product in-store and sold via the brands’ official shop or at an authorized concession in a department store. Don’t be shy to look closely at the item – get used to the feel of it in your hands and look at everything in detail, inside and out. You need to make yourself an expert on what a product looks like new. Don’t be intimidated by the expensive look of luxury shops, the brands are all more than happy to help.

Look at the hardware. The zip of your handbag should move smoothly and the pull should be heavy in feel. All other hardware should be similarly heavy and not hollow. There shouldn’t be any discolouring or signs of the metallic finish flaking off.

Check the handles and look inside. The stitching should be in a straight line and the thread should be strong and not frayed or pulled. The leather should be smooth and should exactly match the bag you saw in the store. The same is true inside the bag, if the fabric lining looks strange or exceedingly cheap, it’s likely a fake.

Logo. If the logo is upside down, sideways, cutoff or somehow not right in size or shape, again, you are likely looking at a fraudulent product.

And lastly, don’t be afraid to ask in store or call your favourite luxury brand.  The fight against counterfeits is one every brands take seriously, so give them a call or stop in store if you have any doubts.



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