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UK’s first Doughnut Time store to open in London

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Australian doughnut brand, Doughnut Time, have announced the opening of their first UK store on Shaftesbury Avenue in London’s West End this October.

Doughnut Time is famous in its native Australia and often attracts queues of thousands of people when a new store opens. The pop-culture inspired toppings such as ‘Donutella Versace’, the ‘Flakey AF’ and the ‘Mint Eastwood’ have already proved a huge hit on social media. This will be the first Doughnut Time store to open outside Australia.

The store will be styled with a retro Australian surf vibe, with neon lights and mint green branding. Above the shop, the ‘Doughnut Time Academy’ will open in the near future, allowing customers to glaze and customize their own luxury doughnuts.

Two British-inspired doughnuts have been created to celebrate the new store opening – ‘Love Actually’ and ‘Shawty it’s Sherbert Day’. The doughnut menu will include some of Australia’s most favourite flavours including nutella and cinnamon ‘Love at First Bite’, and the watermelon flavoured ‘Melon DeGeneres’. New flavours will be added to the menu on a weekly basis. Alongside the main menu will be a rotating selection of vegan and gluten free options.

Doughnuts will be priced starting from £4 each and will be available in boxes of one, four, or six.

Damian Griffiths, founder of Doughnut Time, said: “Out of all the sweets and baked goods, doughnuts seem to have a special place in people’s hearts. They are the ultimate sweet treat – a perfect mix of fairground nostalgia and fond childhood memories, and that unmistakable doughy taste. We’ve developed a menu that we think the British public will love. It’ll change weekly and we’re always experimenting with exciting flavour combinations – and fun names to
match. We’re looking forward to introducing our modern and playful take on
doughnuts to the British public. We’re certain they’ll be at home here, as they are
back in Australia.”

The mint green Doughnut Time van will be touring London throughout September and more Doughnut Time London stores are planned for the following months.

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