Dita Von Teese models the world’s first 3D printed dress

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Dita Von Teese took to New York in the world’s first ever three-dimensional printed dress earlier this week at the Ace Hotel. The burlesque-inspired style icon showed us what to expect from the future of fashion in this skimpy and visually spectacular floor length frock.

The dress was tailored to fit her famous hourglass figure, which featured a risqué low neckline and statement shoulder detailing. The state-of-the-art dress was designed by Michael Schmidt and Francis Bitonti, which was made up of a staggering 13,000 black Swarovski crystals which were then covered in layers of black paint to achieve the desired 3D effect.

Although the buxom star seemed to be naked through the revealing dress, she did indeed keep her modesty in tact with a nude colour body underneath the dress which was designed on an iPad!

Francis spoke about the creation, “We were an interesting team because I take things that are virtual and I figure out what to make them of. To do that you have to break it down into individual components so it can become something sensual, taking this hard plastic material and making it flow and sexy and undulate around the body.”



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