David Beckham makes £36,000 a day from sponsorship deals

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London-born footballer David Beckham is undeniably a powerful selling tool for brands, and has proven his success by making £13million over the last year from sponsorship deals alone. According to Vogue, Beckham’s earnings are up £1.7million on last year, thanks to deals with the likes of Armani, H&M and Adidas, and now amount to the equivalent of £36,000 per day.

The London 2012 Olympics have clearly helped boost brand Beckham, as all eyes have turned to Britain’s sporting stars, despite the fact that David and family now live in LA. But his own company Footwork Productions, which manages his entertainment and image work worldwide, made a reported £15.2million last year, from which David drew a sweet £13.3million. Add on his £2.5million-a-year salary from football team LA Galaxy and you’ve got one very well off Brit.

Image: H&M

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