New documents suggest Coco Chanel may have been Nazi Spy

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Coco Chanel has long been suspected of having connections with the Nazi party, and now new documents have come to light that seem to provide evidence that she was indeed engaged in information gathering activities for the Nazis during the Second World War.

Historians have been going through classified government documents in possession of the French Defence Ministry and have found several references to Chanel, including an agent number and code names for particular missions.

It is already known that Coco Chanel had a relationship with Nazi spy Baron Hans Gunther von Dincklage during his time working for the German embassy in Paris from 1933. The two lived together for a time in the Ritz Hotel in Paris.

One of the documents recently uncovered, dated 13th November 1944 states: “A source from Madrid informs us that Madame Chanel, in 1942-1943, was the mistress and agent of Baron Gunther Von Dincklage. Dincklage was the attaché to the German Embassy in Paris in 1935. He worked as a propagandist and was a suspected agent.”

Other documents imply that Chanel herself was a spy with the codename “Westminster”, in reference to her connections with the Duke of Westminster. She was also given a Nazi Abwehr agent number: F-7124.

One of the missions that Chanel seems to have been involved in was an operation with codename “Modelhut” (model hat in English), in which Chanel was to deliver a personal letter to Winston Churchill persuading him to end hostilities against the Nazis.

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