10 need-to-know facts about D&G’s Claridge’s Christmas tree

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There is no tree more opulent, glamorous or elaborate than that which graces the Claridge’s lobby each season. Here is everything you need to know about the 2014 tree:


1. This is the second time the design duo has been commissioned by Claridge’s to create its Christmas tree


2. The tree itself as an 8-metre tall evergreen


3. It took two months to design


4. 10 visual merchandisers from the brand arrived from Milan on Monday afternoon to assemble the tree, taking eight hours


5. Its assembly takes place overnight so as not to disturb the hotel’s clientele


6. It is decorated with 300 baubles – hand-blown glass spheres from Bellagio in Italy, each hand-painted with an international flag “to celebrate different cultures from around the world”


7. It has 400 branches adorned with 9,000 fairy lights


8. The oversized ribbons were created by Dolce & Gabbana’s in-house tailors


9. The woodland creates that surround it are animatronic, and they include 4 reindeer, 4 rabbits and 2 squirrels


10. The crown and throne are references to the Norman invasion of Sicily in 1061


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