Christian Louboutin Sues YSL Over Red Soles

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The shoe in question: YSL's Palais pump - Image: the Telegraph


Yves Saint Laurent are facing a legal battle over their Palais peep-toe pump as they’ve been accused of copying Christian Louboutin’s trademark red soles.

Louboutin, who’s footwear designs are always finished with a red sole, claims that YSL are selling pumps with “virtually identical” soles, according to a lawsuit filed today in Manhattan. The french designer is after a court injunction to stop sales of the shoes and atleast $1 million in damages. Ouch.

In the complaint, Louboutin said: “The defendants’ use of a red sole on their infringing footwear threatens to mislead the public, and has impaired plaintiffs’ ability to control their reputation.”

It also claims that YSL have been selling red-sole versions of their Tribute and Woodstock shoes at high-end fashion stores that also sell Louboutin footwear.

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