Chanel Beauty Spring 2011: Les Perles de Chanel

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Chanel have used pearls as the inspiration for their luxurious Spring 2011 make-up collection, Les Perles De Chanel, which features eye, lip, face and nail products all with an iridescent ‘pearl-like’ finish.


We can always look to Chanel for nail trends (the jade green of Autumn/Winter 09 that went on to be reproduced by almost every nail polish manufacturer out there? Started by Chanel. The khakis and nude beiges of autumn winter ’10? Chanel.) so it’s no wonder that the three Le Vernis shades (£17 each) in this collection are set to be huge.

‘Pearl Drop’ , a reflective nail polish which appears as a pure white in natural daylight, but displays hints metallic undertones when hit with stronger light is perfect for the day-to-night transition, and its subtle colour means that it’s relatively low-maintenance.  Another pale shade is ‘Pêche Nacrée’ – a soft peach again with a pearl-like finish. Finally, for the lovers of a dark nail (myself included) Chanel have created ‘Black Pearl’ – a shimmering grey with reflections of green and blue – the perfect spring take on classic black.


Chanel Ombrés Perlées de Chanel eyeshadow compact (£39) includes five shades – Blanc perlé, Rose porcelaine, Violine clair, Gris vert and Gris noir scintillant.

Also part of the collection is an eyeshadow quad (£35.50) which contains four colours – three soft, light shades and a deep green.

Chanel have also created a new eye pencil – Le Crayon Yeux Gris Scintillant (£16.50) , a shimmery grey-black which works perfectly with the eye shadows.


The two new Chanel Allure shades in the collection are: Flamboyante, a rosy red and Coquete, a more vibrant pink (£23 each). There are also two new Rouge Coco lipsticks – Jersey Rose, a flattering pink, and Peregrina, a soft coral (£22 each).

Two Chanel Levres Scintillantes lipglosses – Chanel Nakkar and Chanel Aragonite, will also be available (£19.50).

In addition, there will be two Le Crayon Lévres lipliner pencils retailing at £17 each, which match the lipsticks and glosses in the collection.


Two new face products complete the Les Perles De Chanel collection. The rosy Chanel Joues Contraste Blush in Espiegle (£30) and the limited edition Chanel Poudre Universelle Compactein Rose Merveille (£28.50) which is a pale pink witch a subtle shimmer to it – both are buildable and perfect for Spring 2011.


The Les Perles de Chanel Collection is available from 28th January 2011

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