Michael Mullen: Capturing London in Art

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When you think of London, what comes to mind? Big Ben, the Shard, London Bridge, that wriggling map of the Thames? However you imagine it, London’s status as a truly iconic and individual city is undeniable. A city where tradition and modernity collide, where the past is perfectly comfortable rubbing shoulders with the future, and where every corner you turn leads to somewhere new, exciting and full of life and energy. Michael Mullen’s design vision turns to this unique city, to capture every facet of its character – in art.

A visual icon

Take a walk down any London street and you’ll meet any number of visual icons that capture the spirit of London perfectly. Classic red phone box? Check. Double deckers? Check. Historic architectural jewels and modern masterpieces side by side? Double check. Mullen’s Hello London brings together all of the visual gems that define modern London in one panoramic glimpse across the city, from Westminster Abbey and Big Ben, to the London Eye and the Gherkin. It’s the perfect summary of London, captured in Mullen’s bright, bold and instantly recognisable customary style.

The Capital of Cool

It’s not without good reason that London’s hailed as the Capital of Cool. From the 60s’ Swinging London to the 90s’ Cool Britannia, London has always been the centre of Britain’s thriving music and fashion scenes, with the two often going hand in hand. Get a dose of London’s cool factor with Mullen’s British Rock – as it brings together a montage of classic images to evoke the best of the city’s musical offerings – iconic guitars on an edgy distressed background sit next to the regal crown, and a glimpse of Big Ben adds a nod to tradition, showing just how important London’s musical heritage is to the city. With the Union Jack standing proudly amidst it all, this sleek and eye-catching mural is the ideal centrepiece for anyone who loves to rock out with the capital.

A city of celebrations

The best time to experience London is in the throes of one of its famous celebrations – from the stunning fireworks over the Thames at New Year’s, to the summer’s fun-filled festive carnivals. Recent years have seen London’s celebratory spirit captured on the world stage – from the inspiring events of the Olympic Games, to the Queen’s Jubilee and of course, recent additions to the Royal Family! But if you can’t make it across to experience it first hand, or want a unique way to remember the fun and energy of London, Mullen’s Tower Bridge is a truly individual way of capturing both the exuberance and the heritage of London. Spray painted fireworks and traditional bunting adds a bright pop of colour over the emblematic Tower Bridge, for a quirky and modern view of the city.


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