Bloc Weekend Comes To London Pleasure Gardens

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Bloc Weekend, traditionally a time when clubbers packed up their stereo and their best outfits and de-camped to a chalet at Butlins for the weekend to get trashed and rave to cutting edge electronic music has moved to our fair capital for its sixth year. At the time of this initial announcement, there was a lot of vocal unhappiness as not only had the location changed but so had Bloc’s placement in the year. Of course, now more details about its new location, London Pleasure Gardens have been unveiled,  people are appeased and looking forward to its new mid-summer slot.

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And then, then there’s the line-up. Covering a multitude of artists including Snoop Dogg, Richie Hawtin, Gary Numan, Jamie Jones, Art Department, Hudson Mohawke, Four Tet, Nicolas Jaar…. the list of fantastic talent goes on and Bloc’s detractors have rightly faded into the distance.

With anticipation for the Pleasure Gardens, equalling, if not somewhat outstripping, the excitement for the line-up, as seasoned clubbers whisper that the large industrial looking building resembles famed Berlin nightclub Berghain, one could be forgiven for thinking that they can’t possibly top what’s already promised. But that’d be because they haven’t laid eyes on the MS Stubnitz yet. A deep-sea fishing vessel previously owned by the communist east German DDR party, it has been transformed into yet another venue within the gardens for Bloc to warp your mind with.

An atrium gallery looks over a main dancefloor, creating an industrial, hi-spec venue inside a maritime monument to Europe’s recent, turbulent history. A second club space at the stern of the vessel as well as the deck are also fully kitted out for Bloc-specced throwdowns.


So, a fantastic and unique new venue, a eye-wateringly good line-up and weekend tickets of only £99…. all within zone 2?!

Bloc Weekend 2012 takes place 6 + 7 July at London Pleasure Gardens, E16 2BS.

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