Best Ideas for a Modern Wedding in 2020

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When a new year is approaching, everyone is looking for new things and improvements. Because 2020 is just around the corner, one thing is on the mind of couples who want to unite their destinies forever – a modern wedding. A modern wedding could be a great way to celebrate your marriage, and if you do it right, you will never forget any detail of the day.

You need some ideas if you want to step up your game, though. With that being said, here are some ideas to help you out for a modern wedding in 2020.

1. More Lighting

Lights are part of the usual life now, and people seem to love adding them everywhere. So why not incorporate them in your wedding, too? Lighting will “lighten” the mood of the event and will also make the overall environment look magical. Besides, it’s a versatile method to decorate the place, because you can add lanterns, string lights, candles, or more modern options like LED light signs or tube lighting.

2. Wear a Tiara

Every bride thinks of the casual beach wedding gown or the traditional ballgown dress – but how about wearing a tiara? It is already a trend to wear tiaras at your wedding, but it may still be a trend in 2020. You can be the princess of the evening, so take advantage of this opportunity as much as you can. And let’s be fair – tiaras are gorgeous.

3. Be Eco-Friendly

It’s always important to take care of the environment, and you can even be eco-friendly at your own wedding. If you want a modern wedding in 2020, you should do everything that’s in your power to reduce carbon footprint and improve the health of the Earth. To make this possible, you may consider recyclable materials for things such as confetti, and using biodegradable packaging for various things.

4. Add Flowers Everywhere

Flowers haven’t gone out of fashion. On the contrary, they are probably some of the most used things at weddings. So, why not keep your 2020 wedding modern by adding flowers everywhere? This doesn’t only include decorations and the bride’s bouquet, but also the food. You can add edible petals on food, and even have flower-infused cocktails and water. It will all look amazing.

5. Commission an Artist for a Wedding Canvas

Something couples have started doing is hiring artists to capture their best wedding moments on a canvas. This way, you will have a wonderful, unique piece that will resemble your most special day. It’s a nice trend for 2020. Not only will you end up with a nice piece of art, but you will support an artist in the process as well.

Final Thoughts

The wedding of your dreams may be a modern one, but to turn it into the best thing in your life, you need to know how to do so. Remember these tips and apply them for our 2020 wedding. And if you need a modern dress to go with the occasion, you can always check out Pronovias U.S.

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