Archives reveal Winston Churchill refused to pay Savile Row tailor

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Former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, famed for his distinctive suiting choices, once fell out with his tailor over unpaid bills, it has been revealed.

Refusing to pay Savile Row tailor Henry Poole and Co his full owed sum of £197 – around £12,000 in today’s money – the famous leader never settled the amount or visited the tailor again.

Historian James Sherwood revealed why when he studied the company’s archives: “Churchill said it was for morale, it was good for us (Henry Poole) to dress him and he wasn’t aware we were short of cash.

“He never did pay, and never came back – he never forgave us,” he added.

Other sticky clients included Charles Dickens and King Edward VII, who both were also asked to settle large bills with the tailor.

Henry Poole and Co’s archives can be seen by appointment at its Savile Row store.

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