American Apparel’s new ‘Sheer’ nail polishes

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‘Ombre’ has been a beauty buzz word for a good few seasons past and present. We can’t seem to get enough of it, whether it’s in the form of dip-dye ombre hair, eye make-up or even lips – it’s been interpreted everywhere. Nails are no exception, but currently storming the beauty scene in the US are the new ‘Sheer’ polishes from American Apparel. Exclusively for summer, the polishes are all named after Californian beaches. There’s Summerland, Manhattan, Zuma, Moonlight, Redondo and Pacific. All in highly pigmented yet sheer colours; bright turquoise, reds,yellows and blues can be blended together to create a stand-out graduated effect that doesn’t look too unlike a watercolour paint effect. America is on-board, are you?

American Apparel Sheer Nail Polish

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