Amazon secret luxury fashion platform revealed

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VRSNL launched in September 2019 has been revealed as Amazon’s new luxury fashion platform.

There have been rumours circulating for a while that Amazon had plans to launch a luxury fashion ecommerce platform this year. However, it has recently emerged that Amazon-owned Zappos has been operating the VRSNL website and app.

The platform, pronounced “versional”, sells a selection of clothing, footwear, and accessories from luxury brands including Gucci, Alexander McQueen, Rick Owens, Burberry, and Bottega Veneta.

So far the platform has had no marketing or publicity, and its Instagram account has only a handful of followers. It’s believed that the business may have been launched to trial market demand and visuals.

Amazon hasn’t made any comment on VRSNL or its future development, but industry experts believe it may be positioned to compete against other high-end online retailers such as Net-a-Porter, Matches Fashion, and Farfetch.

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