Amazon patents “blended-reality” mirror

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Amazon has filed a patent for a “blended-reality” mirror that uses a mix of displays, cameras, and projectors to allow customers to see what they would look like wearing outfits in different locations.

The technology is a step up from Amazon Echo Look, which enables customers to virtually try on outfits using a photo of themselves with the help of AI assistant “Alexa”.

The mirror, which has not yet been introduced as a physical product, will combine images reflected by the mirror with images transmitted from a screen behind the mirror, superimposing virtual clothing on the viewer’s body and allowing them to see a realistic blended image from any angle, superimposed on top of various scenes such as a beach or a nightclub.

Last autumn Amazon acquired Body Labs – a company that creates 3D avatars for clothes modelling and gaming applications. It’s thought that the Body Labs models may be used to track the movement of the user in the mirror so they can move around in the virtual clothes.

Amazon is making moves to expand its presence in the fashion industry in recent years with the launch of its own clothing lines, the introduction of “Prime Wardrobe” – a try-before-you-buy fashion delivery service, and the development of an algorithm that designs clothes based on Instagram fashion trends.

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