Amazon launches Prime Wardrobe

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Amazon has announced a new service for Prime customers, Prime Wardrobe, which is a “try before you buy” fashion delivery service.

Prime Wardrobe will be similar to existing fashion subscription boxes such as StitchFix and TrunkClub, with the main difference being that the customer chooses the items in each box instead of being sent a curated selection based on style preferences.

The service will be trailing in the US and will allow customers to choose between three and fifteen clothing items per order to try out for up to 7 days. A free pickup service will allow them to return unwanted items.

There is no upfront payment. If customers choose to buy items they will receive a 10% discount for buying more than three items or a 20% discount for buying more than five items.

Clothing items eligible for Prime Wardrobe will be indicated on the Amazon site with a special logo. Over 1 million items will initially be included for the launch of the service.

Prime Wardrobe can be paired with Echo Look, a voice enabled assistant and app that uses smart algorithms and advice from fashion experts to rate your outfit choices via a video camera. The app will also offer suggestions on other fashion items to buy at Amazon.

Prime Wardrobe is currently available in beta to US customers. It is not yet known when the service will be launching in the UK.

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