Amazon Fashion launches StyleSnap fashion matching app

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Amazon launched StyleSnap in the UK and Germany yesterday – an innovative fashion retail app, which allows shoppers to upload photographs and find similar items for sale on Amazon Fashion.

The AI-powered app, which has been dubbed “Shazam for clothing” takes into account a variety of factors including brand, price range, and customer reviews, when listing product suggestions. Shoppers can upload their own images, or find products from celebrity photos or magazine shoots.

Fashion influencers who are part of the Amazon fashion influencer program can also take advantage of the app by earning commission on sales inspired by their images.

John Boumphrey, Vice President of Amazon Fashion Europe said, “We are dedicated to continuously creating new experiences for customers to discover the products they want and love. StyleSnap enables customers to shop visually for products that have inspired them. We are excited to see what customers think.”

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