Alexander McQueen’s DNA used to make leather accessories

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We thought we’d seen it all when it comes to fashion’s avant garde – Lady Gaga strutting her stuff covered in juicy steaks at the MTV Video Music Awards, a dress made entirely of pubic and head hair by British designer Sarah Louise Bryan, stylist Charlie le Mindu’s hair-raising (pun intended) creations, yet again, seen on Lady Gaga…

However, Central Saint Martin’s student Tina Gorjanc is not content with such mundane matters. She has submitted an idea for her final project to create a collection made solely from human leather based on DNA of the late Alexander McQueen.

As far-fetched as this may sound, stem cell scientists say that indeed it may be possible to do this from a single piece of hair. Now, as luck would have it, McQueen fashioned a coat including his own hair for one of his early collections, Gorjanc already has approval from its owner to proceed.

As reported in The Times, Ms Gorjanc is in discussion with representatives from Mr McQueen’s company, who confirm the designer would have approved of the project. “He was always pushing boundaries,” she said.

We assume Lady Gaga will make a beeline should this collection ever see the light of day, but the questions remains, would you be donning the real McQueen?

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