Accessorising tips for your formal look

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For those events that require you to dress up, nothing less than a refined outfit will do. Put your trainers and everyday accessories to one side, it’s time to bring out the inner dapper gentleman that lives inside us all. Choosing a smart black suit and crisp white shirt is actually the easiest part – setting yourself apart from the crowd, however, is another feat altogether.

Accessories can instantly change up your look, transforming a plain suit into an incredibly stylish formal outfit. Here are a few accessories every gentleman needs to turn to when styling their look for a big formal event.

Luxury watch

Nothing radiates opulence more than a designer watch. All male style icons, from Elvis Presley to Daniel Craig, have sported Omega watches in the past, with the Seamaster 300M being a particularly popular choice. When it comes to watches, luxury brands come out on top and are a worthy investment. While they may be expensive, you get what you pay for as they will last much longer than cheaper alternatives. That doesn’t mean you have to completely blow the bank, however, but rather check out pre-owned watches should you want to pick up a designer watch for less.


It goes without saying that a tie has been a long-standing part of formal attire, but you shouldn’t just pick up the first one that catches your eye. Rather, choose something that shows off your personality without looking garish. A skinny black tie is a classic, but nothing beats having a pop of colour in your outfit. Finding the perfect tie can take time. If you’ve chosen a grey suit, add vibrancy without overdoing it with a red or blue tie. Gone for black? Paisley prints are perfect at adding an interesting feature but it doesn’t look garish. Think of your tie as an outfit upgrade rather than something you add at the very end as it can really change the vibe of your formal fit.


An essential in any gentleman’s formal attire, cufflinks may be small but they certainly pack a punch when it comes to the fashion factor. There’s a variety of styles to suit different tastes, including plain silver or gold as well as more flamboyant diamond designs. As with luxury watches, it’s worth investing in a pair of cufflinks as cheaper pieces tend to rust and lose their shine. They are a piece that you can wear again and again, even for those less formal occasions or at work.


While shoes aren’t technically an accessory, they do have a significant effect on your outfit. When choosing your shoes, you may be tempted to go for the same colour as your suit. Why not add extra vibrancy to your outfit by opting for another shade? Burgundy shoes pair well with a black suit, whereas tan looks great with navy. As well as shoes, you can add some shoelace charms and different coloured laces to jazz them up. While you don’t want to go too crazy – the focus should be on you rather than just your shoes – there’s no harm in adding different coloured laces or adding a hint of bling with dazzling clips.

When your next big event approaches, make sure you’re dressed to impress by incorporating these accessories into your outfit. Guaranteed to turn heads, you’ll be the most refined gentleman in the room with these pieces.

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