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Sian Welby wears many different hats as a broadcasting professional, working across TV, radio, weather, sport and social media. Her fun, down-to-earth style and sense of humour has helped her carve to out a unique career in our fast-moving digital era.

After being named a leading presenter on social media at the #FurtherFaster conference hosted by Twitter, she captured the attention of HEART bosses, who in 2017 offered Sian her own primetime solo show on the station, Monday to Thursday from 7pm to 10pm and most recently Sundays from 9am to 12pm.

Sian’s show has attracted high-profile guests from the world of entertainment including Ed Sheeran, Chris Pratt, P!nk and Sam Smith.

Following Sian’s famous creative comedy weather forecasts for Channel 5 that went viral across the globe (racking up an incredible 10 million views online) and with The New York Times calling her ‘An Internet Hero’, Sian was also approached by the hugely popular international trivia gameshow app HQ to host their interactive live show on this side of the Atlantic to over 300,000 users. Not only that, but BBC One made Sian their regular Snapchat channel host, covering events including the prestigious EE BAFTA Awards.

We caught up with Sian for the latest in our ‘My London’ interview series.


Favourite neighbourhood:

I am in love with Soho it’s my favourite place not just in London, but of any city in the world. The vibe is like no other, you feel you are at the epicentre of the social scene. It’s impossible to get FOMO if you’re in Soho, because if it’s happening, it’s happening there.


Favourite place for brunch:

My favourite place for brunch is on Wardour Street at Jackson and Rye, I order the same breakfast every time, “farmers eggs”, it’s a classic American breakfast. The absolute best brunch in town.


Best coffee in London:

The Coal Rooms in Peckham, I went for brunch there the other day and it was so good, I asked about the coffee and found out it was roasted by local roaster Old Spike.


Favourite gallery or museum:

I spent most of the summer at the Hayward gallery on the Southbank, but, let’s be honest, I wasn’t there for the art. It’s such a nice place to meet friends for a drink in the summer!


Tell us a secret:

All my secrets are so epic, I could never put them in print! Haha! Come for a drink with me and you can hear my best stories!


Favourite place to shop:

Working at Heart means I’m based in Leicester Square and I will never not appreciate being able to pop to the shops in Covent Garden, Carnaby Street and Oxford Street. Shopping there on a Tuesday is very different place to on a weekend, I only brave weekends if friends or family come down, otherwise I avoid like the plague!


Favourite place to find inspiration:

I’m very lucky that I surround myself with amazing people, who inspire me every day. My boyfriend Jonno and I spend a lot of time working apart, so every day we have an hour on the phone to debrief and it always ends up with some motivational chat, or one of those laughing til you cry moments. He’s the most inspiring person in my life.


Best London destination for a date:

You can’t beat the 3rd floor of Greek Street Soho House for a cocktail on the terrace, the lights are just low enough and the music just loud enough to create a cool sexy vibe!


Favourite park:

Hands down, Battersea Park. This is my favourite park in London, it’s like a mini Central Park, it has everything. If you do a full circuit, it’s a perfect 5k run, on the way you’ll meet all the cute Battersea dogs going for walkies! You can get a coffee or an ice-cream in the middle as you pass the fountains and the zoo and if you want to feel totally zen, go and have a sit on the steps of the Peace Pagoda and have a chat with Buddha!


Favourite food market:

Borough Market is a magical part of London. If you want to feel like you’re on the set of Harry Potter, head down there to get a sausage bap! The food is amazing, all different cuisines, from Mexican to Indian.


Your sanctuary in the city:

White City House poolside my new saviour. It feels cut off from the hustle of London, it’s quiet, there’s chilled house music, and if you zone out it you could almost be on a roof in LA.


What inspires you?

Being around other creative people. I just love to be around friends, laughing and joking. For me, when I’m relaxed and enjoying myself that’s when my best ideas come. I love to hear friend’s stories, one of my best friend’s is a nurse and she tells the funniest stories! With all the weird things that have happened to me, I definitely have enough material to write a sitcom!


This season I’m loving:

The layers, the burnt oranges and the mustard yellows. I love the big trainers mixed with the oversized jumpers look. I’m buzzing that the 90s sport fashion is back, my Kappa popper trousers were my absolute pride and joy in 1999 and although I haven’t quite gone that far yet, I’m now the proud owner FILA hoody and a few pairs of Yeezys!


Twitter: SianWelby
Instagram: SianWelby


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