My London: Roger Frampton – Model

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ROGER FRAMPTON has been an international model for over a decade, appearing in campaigns for RALPH LAUREN, ORLEBAR BROWN and AQUASCUTUM.

After over 15 seasons of catwalks in Milan, New York, Paris and London, Roger realised the importance of consciousness in movement and created THE FRAMPTON METHOD, a combination of bodyweight exercises mixing aspects of gymnastics and yoga, but with the utiisation of consciousness. His training technique has been featured in The Sunday Times, Grazia, Esquire, GQ, Men’s Health and Elle Magazine and he has many private clients as well as maintaining an international career in fashion.

Roger recently stood on the TED stage for his talk, Why Sitting Down Destroys You in which he talks about his refreshing approach to movement and mobility. The video has clocked an impressive 1.5 million views to date.

His first book will be released in January 2018 by Pavillion, giving readers conscious movement solutions which they can do at home.

We caught up with Roger for the latest in our ‘My London’ interview series.


Favourite neighbourhood

My favourite neighbourhood would have to be at home. I live just outside of London and I like to spend most of my time in the green fields and to hang out in the local country pubs. Getting away from the big smoke gives me time to create.


Favourite place for brunch

Brunch. My favourite word. Because it’s breakfast at lunch and that’s what I do daily. Pret, Pod, Leon, Starbucks. You name it. I’m there. In terms of food it’s always a quick bite to keep me going.


Best coffee in London

My favourite coffee in London has got to be Monmouth coffee. Sends me crazy hyper. Although I have to be honest I’m in a Starbucks daily! Frappachino anybody?


Favourite gallery or museum

Sorry. You got the wrong guy here. I think the last time I visited a gallery or museum it was a school trip although I did happen to hang out at Frieze last year. Interesting.


Tell us a secret

The secret to keeping your body moving to how it was designed to move is to re learn how you were designed to move. Sounds so simple right, but when was the last time you just sat in a squat like you could when you were a 4 year old? When was the last time you swung on some bars on the train? Come on. Let’s all be kids again.


Favourite place to shop

My favourite place to shop is Amazon if I’m after quite techy stuff, wires, cables, training tools. For my clothing I like to pop into Orlebar Brown & Jack Wills or pop down the high street to River Island for some sports gear.


Favourite place to find inspiration

Promise you won’t be judge me but sometimes I’ll put on motivational talks when I train. Even speeches from Rocky movies keep me going when everything in the body is burning. “The world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows”


Best London destination for a date

If you’re going on a date the first thing I suggest is why not head to the South Bank. Very cool spot to just hang out on. Once you’re done there maybe head east to a scary Jack the Ripper tour ending up for a secret cocktail in China Town. Experimental wink wink.


Favourite park

My favourite park had to be Primrose Hill in Camden, however not for the astonishing views of London but the outdoor gym where you get a bit of everything. From yoga, gymnastics, boxing, regular exercise and maybe even a spot of capoeira. All encompassing movement of the body.


Favourite food market

Probably Sainsbury’s all though whatever’s nearest really. That’s a joke guys. Borough market is a lovely spot. Also a lot of movies are filmed around there so you may recognise the odd bit of memorabilia.


Your sanctuary in the city:

I’d love to tell you my sanctuary in the city but I love it so much that I don’t want anyone else to find it. Have you tried the rooftop on the ME hotel or the sweet little spot on top of One New Change. A lovely view of Saint Paul’s for those picturesque moments.


What inspires you?

The thing that inspires me the most is my 4 year old self. Sounds a little bit self righteous doesn’t it? Well I guess my job is to convince the world to be inspired by their 4 year old selves, and the movement our bodies had before we attended schools. What movements could you do that you can’t do now?


This season I’m loving:

– Comfort
– Stretch denim,
– Shoes that mimic bare feet
– Single stripes
– Variations of Orange
– Curly Hair.


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