My London: Paolo Terenzi – Perfumer

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Paolo Terenzi is a talented Italian perfumer and captivating storyteller, his philosophy is “compose beauty”.

Paolo’s background is as unique as his compositions: professional musician, with a degree in law and philosophy, chemistry and physics scholar, and a poet with limitless imagination and sensitivity. The result: art and beauty translated into liquid life.

Paolo loves working exclusively with natural raw materials, that he personally sources all around the world during his many trips. In his personal library of materials, he focuses on 200-300 most precious notes that he blends to create highly complex, sophisticated and rich compositions.

We caught up with Paolo for the latest in our ‘My London’ interview series.


Favourite neighbourhood:

Hackney; its vibrant, artistic flair makes it irresistible to me.


Favourite place for brunch:

Amaranto Restaurant at the Four Seasons Park Lane in Mayfair; delight and elegance framed by refined service and exquisite taste.


Best coffee in London:

Sketch, where art and fine dining blend in the most creative way and even a coffee over breakfast becomes a sensorial experience.


Favourite gallery or museum:

Saatchi Gallery; being able to witness the talent of unseen young and international artists is a great source of inspiration for me.


Tell us a secret:

Keeping an open heart and mind towards diversity; in every form, shape and colour. Beauty is not determined by a protocol, but rather by what moves our deepest emotions and captures our senses.


Favourite place to shop:

Bond Street, my eye for detail becomes even more critical when it comes to my personal style and in Bond Street I can unleash my fashion creativity.


Favourite place to find inspiration:

As a musician and creative mind I believe that Shoreditch is the ideal melting pot to stimulate my thirst for inspiration: its street Art, hipster touch, street food, markets and pubs are my element.


Best London destination for a date:

The Shard; aside being an admirer of Renzo Piano’s works, I believe that overlooking London’s skyline while enjoying a lavish cocktail at the Gong in Shangri-La frames the perfect setting for a date.


Favourite park:

Hyde Park, there is nothing as beautiful and inspiring as being nestled among nature and history.


Favourite food market:

Borough Market, as a true Italian I can’t deny my passion for exquisite food. The variety of produces exposed, and the energy vibrating in every corner of this market is simply delightful.


Your sanctuary in the city:

I consider myself a free spirit, curious about the unknown and in deep connection with my emotions. I would say that a sanctuary to me is wherever I find my senses awakened and my creativity in motion. I am a sailor, and as long as the outer world offers a harbour to my sailing spirit it will always feel like a sanctuary to my senses.


What inspires you?

Beauty in all its forms of expression, I am a wanderer inspired by all the finesse this world can offer.


This season I’m loving:

Each season what I love the most is the present moment, because the future is now and I never think about tomorrow!


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