My London: Dr Yannis Alexandrides – Plastic Surgeon

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DR. YANNIS ALEXANDRIDES is an American and British board certified plastic surgeon specialising in facial reconstructive and rejuvenation surgery. Since 2001 he has been the founder, director and head of surgical practice at one of the city’s most renowned cosmetic surgery practices specialising in both surgical and non-surgical procedures. A pioneer in innovative cosmetic treatments, Dr. Yannis was among the first in his field to advocate non-surgical procedures to his clients with his ethos being that surgery is always the last resort. This unique perspective combined with the success of his original Dramatic Healing Serum that Dr Yannis developed and used on his patients as a part of their post surgical aftercare led to the launch of 111SKIN.

Most recently, Dr Yannis has just launched 111CRYO, the first full body non-nitrogen cryotherapy chamber in the UK. The benefits of cryotherapy treatments include: anti ageing, stimulation of the metabolism to aid weight loss, muscular recovery and anti-inflammation to name a few.

We caught up with Dr Yannis for the latest in our ‘My London’ interview series.


Favourite neighbourhood:

Chelsea as I live there but definitely Shoreditch on the weekend for the food markets and art.


Favourite place for brunch:

Ivy Chelsea or Shoreditch House.


Best coffee in London:

The best coffee beans are sold in Harrods on the ground floor. They stock an amazing selection from around the world and once ground with my Jura coffee machine, I have the best coffee in London in my own home. Outside I like Baker and Spice coffee.


Favourite gallery or museum:

The Saatchi Gallery and V&A are amongst my two favourites – both have diverse exhibitions from music to fashion to ancient greek art. Whitechapel is the most trend setting gallery in London. And I also like Sotheby’s where I often purchase art from their Greek and Russian exhibitions.

Tell us a secret: I tried cryotherapy for the first time in New York a year ago and I developed an immediate addiction to it. I saw it improved my jet lag and I also saw immediate results in terms of relieving muscle pain plus it gave me the most phenomenal clarity of mind too. And so I decided there and then that I had to set up 111CRYO so I myself could have a treatment every day right here in London.


Favourite place to shop:

Harvey Nichols have a great new men’s section – it is simply the best.

Favourite place to find inspiration: Every place around the world is inspiring – in some places, it’s the people (New York) and in others, it’s the natural beauty (Greece, Seychelles), flavours in others (Tuscany) But it’s in the mountains of Crete where I get my biggest inspiration to be healthy and to keep improving our 111 lifestyle brands.


Best London destination for a date:

I’ve been married for over a decade but Zuma is where I take my wife for a romantic dinner – we went there when we first met and we still go there just the two of us for a glass of champagne and fresh sashimi.


Favourite park:

Battersea park without a doubt. It is less crowded than Hyde Park and just as beautiful. I take my two boys there for paddle boating. And my wife and I run there at least 3 times per week.
Favourite food market: Borough market for amazing food stalls and Colombia market for beautiful flowers. We also have a local farmers market every Saturday right next to our house in Chelsea. Fresh healthy food and champagne plus it is right in front of the Saatchi Gallery – so combining art and the culinary experience.


Your sanctuary in the city:

Our roof top terrace.


What inspires you?

My boys – I want to be the best role model for them – hard working, enjoying life to the max, respecting my family, giving back and staying healthy.


This season I’m loving:

McQueen shirts, Makita sunglasses, 3X1 M5 Lorimer Jeans. And I am loving autumn as it is the season where we celebrate my wife’s birthday and my 10 year old son…


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