My London: Mark Herman – Creative Director

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Mark Herman runs MHc, a London-based creative consultancy. Mark was previously Marketing Director at Religion Clothing and Idol at New Look. He is also the Creative Director of fashion forward club night Glitterbox, which runs every Friday at Space Ibiza. Glitterbox London makes its debut at Ministry of Sound on Saturday 25th July.

We caught up with him to talk London, life and style for the latest in our ‘My London’ series.


Favourite neighbourhood:

I love and live in Shoreditch. It makes me feel alive and in touch with life, particularly my creative side. The streets are always buzzing with people.

Favourite place for brunch:

Hoxton Hotel, I love its unpretentious style. Its local and the staff are great and it has great food and toilets.

Best coffee in London:

Mine – at home. Nescafe instant. I’m a lover of coffee but seriously am not a snob when it comes to it. Good old Nescafe for me.

Favourite gallery or museum:

Tate Modern is breathtaking. For a time, I was fascinated with wanting to do a version of Pooldisco in the Tanks.

Tell us a secret:

I love gardening along with doing the washing up, I find both very therapeutic. Also, when I was working at Religion, I found folding clothes also pretty meditational!

Favourite place to shop:

I seriously hate shopping, especially shopping for clothes. Because I then spend the next 2 days deciding if what I bought is the right colour, the right size, or even suits me!

Favourite place to find inspiration:

Columbia Road Flower Market and Spitalfields Market. Love spending my Sundays here and breathing in the ‘cosmopolitan comes to London’ vibe. I also get inspired at the gym. When I’m surrounded by people achieving their health goals, it makes me feel competitive.

Best London destination for a date:

Walking along the Southbank at night. Riverside London is totally stunning. The views from Waterloo Bridge either side are incredible.

Favourite park:

Shoreditch Park. I sometimes run around it or simply just hang out. Always lots going on here and people and dogs from every walk of life. I love people and dog watching here.

Favourite food market:

Broadway Market on a Saturday is brilliant. Its good quality ‘on the go’ food from many different countries. There is also a French crepe stall that is mouth watering.

Your sanctuary in the city:

My bed, I love my bedroom. Always have my window open even in Winter. Love to feel even a freezing breeze but still being warm and snuggled under my duvet. Even better if someone is in there, sharing it with me.

What inspires you?

I love young creative people. I’m generally drawn and inspired by creative talent. So now that I’m nearing 49??? 20 something hungry talented peeps are great to be around.

This season I’m loving:

Life! But especially loving the summer cause I can wear less clothes. I’d wear shorts all year round if I could? I love the balmy nights, they make you feel sexy.

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