My London: Brent Pankhurst – Founder and Director of Pankhurst London

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Brent Pankhurst has been one of Britain’s leading barbers and style advisors tor 25 years. He first worked under Vidal Sassoon, before installing Pankhurst as Dunhill’s in-house barbershop and then establishing the Pankhurst brand on Savile Row and now in Soho.

Dismayed by the quality of men’s grooming products. Brent designed his own exclusive range for use within his shop. His clients were impressed with the quality and performance of the products and urged him to make them available for purchase.

“Before I launched my range. I looked at the grooming products available to men,” says Brent. “Names like Bed Head, Charge Up, and Slick Water jumped out at me for all the wrong reasons. How would the average man relate to them? How would he know what they did? I certainly didn’t and I know a thing or two about barbering. They were packaged cheaply too, in plastic tubs that felt the opposite of luxurious.

It is important to me to know what I am getting when I buy a product.

I wanted a story too. Ian Fleming’s James Bond came to mind. The Pankhurst Man should be the epitome of an English gentleman with a risqué side to him: daring, chic, someone who travels, a man of the world.

A hero. A good guy. but one with an edge.”

A regular style advisor for Esquire and GQ. Brent has created iconic looks for album covers, music videos, magazine shoots and advertising campaigns. His haircuts have featured in contemporary British films such as Snatch and Laver Cake and he has styled hair for Daniel Craig. Jude Law, the England rugby team, countless footballers, Blur and Robbie Williams amongst others.

We caught up with Brent for the latest in our ‘My London’ interview series.


Favourite neighbourhood:

Soho – The eclectic mix of film, music and fashion with boutique brands and atmosphere and the history of Carnaby Street and Soho. It may have become more commercial over the years but it remains the beating heart of London.


Favourite place for brunch:

Scott’s restaurant is a classic location and eternal favourite in Mayfair with fantastic seafood.


Best coffee in London:

Flat White in Berwick Street Soho, right on the edge of the market. Great characters and great coffee as you watch world go by.


Favourite gallery or museum:

Tate Modern for all the weird and wonderful creations on view. The enormity of the halls and the graphic shape of the building. The building itself is a work of art.


Tell us a secret:

One of the barber’s ethics are to never tell a secret. What is said in the barber’s chair stays in the barber’s chair.


Favourite place to shop:

Tom Sweeney. The best menswear brand in the world bar none.


Favourite place to find inspiration:

The person I have in front of me in the Barber’s chair. Making them feel and look as good as they possibly can is what inspires me.


Best London destination for a date:

Japanese Garden in Holland Park because especially when the cherry blossom is blooming.


Favourite park:

St James’s park for the tranquillity and the flora and fauna.


Favourite food market:

Borough Market has a wonderful selection of food from around the world, my favourite are the oysters from Wright Brothers.


Your sanctuary in the city:

Halfway up Mount Street in Mayfair there is a little alleyway that leads to the Church gardens. A peaceful spot that is perfect for taking that quiet moment in the day. Been going there for 25 years


What inspires you?

Films, goes without saying and travelling. The different cities and culture are an endless source of inspiration.


This season I’m loving:

I love everything about the style and look of the film Le Mans 66 especially Christian Bale’s haircut.


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