My London: Henry Hales – Sir Plus founder

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Henry Hales is the 25 year-old owner and director of Sir Plus. A graduate of Oxford Brookes, he originally set out to start a company selling printed boxers. On a research trip down Savile Row he was informed that shirt makers often use surplus fabrics to make their own boxers. From there, Sir Plus was born – a clothing brand that makes luxury clothing in the UK using surplus fabrics, known in the industry as ‘cabbage’.

Favourite neighbourhood:

I really love where our offices are based in Bethnal Green. Vyner Street is just around the corner and I often think how lucky we are to work in an area of London where people actually live, work and play. There is real spirit here and the community has no genre. There also isn’t a lull in the day like in the City, where you know it’s quiet because everyone is sat at his or her desk in an office.

Favourite place for brunch:

Lime Wharf – it’s just around the corner from work and they do absolutely awesome lunches.

Best coffee in London:

Colombian Coffee. I met this dude at The Secret Garden Party and he won me over. He’s a great sales man with great coffee. Check it out!

Favourite gallery or museum:

The Tate.

Favourite building:

I think, um, the Lloyd’s Building.

Favourite place to shop:

It just has to be Portobello. I’ve spent so much time there and I never could get bored. As a trader on the market it is a completely unrestricted shopping experience but I’ve found it not too dissimilar to being on the other side of it as a punter. I like shopping independently and supporting likeminded business. It’s also great for a bargain!

Favourite place to find inspiration:

I don’t really have a favourite place for this, inspiration is something that finds me a lot of the time.

Best London destination for a date:

Bloody Oyster – they’ll rock anyone’s world.

Favourite park:

Victoria Park.

Favourite food market:

Maltby Street Market.

Your sanctuary in the city:

Regents Canal.

What inspires you?

Lots of things inspire me. I listen to Desert Island Discs and love reading biographies of prosperous individuals, Steve Jobs being a favourite. Although, my father (as clichéd as it sounds) is probably my biggest inspiration.

This season I’m loving:

As grandpa as it sounds, I’ve just invested in a pair of Birkenstocks. I am getting stick from peers but have absolutely no idea why!

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