My London: Jorie Grassie – Founder of Jorie jewellery

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Jorie Grassie is the founder of Jorie jewellery. Originally American, Jorie moved to Scotland over 20 years ago and has since created a home and family in the Highlands and now splits her time between London and Fort Augustus. The Culachy Collection is her debut jewellery collection, featuring 250 pieces inspired by the splendour of her family estate.

The very distinctive Culachy Collection is made using deer tusks and precious stones – a contemporary interpretation of a revived ancient craft. Although it sounds controversial this is actually an ethical practise, as the tusk is a bi-product of the venison that deer are culled for. Each Scottish estate has to cull a certain number of deer every season by law and Jorie has found an innovative way to create something beautiful out of necessity.

“The Culachy Collection combines my two foremost passions in life; designing fine jewellery and stalking the majestic Highland Red Deer stag. Each design has a unique identity expressing a feature of The Highlands or a person who is significant to me”- Jorie Grassie, Founder.


Favourite neighbourhood:

Holland Park. I don’t really leave my neighbourhood unless necessary as its pretty much all here. I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else in London. I feel very fortunate and proud to be part of this tight community.


Favourite place for brunch:

I spent many years living years in Southeast Asia and Sunday Brunch meant Dim Sum to us. Min Jiang has the best Dim Sum in town. The Peking Duck is also outstanding and ‘Dou Mew’ when in season, is always properly prepared. For a traditional brunch with an upbeat atmosphere, extensive menu and spicy Bloody Marys, try The Brasserie on Fulham Road.


Best coffee in London:

Enjoy the perfect cup of coffee and gluten-free salted caramel cupcake in the jolly and inviting Primrose Bakery in W8.


Favourite gallery or museum:

Definitely The Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA). There is always something wonderful going on here and they always host the best events, shows and book launches. Don’t miss the ‘Fluorescent Chrysanthemum’ exhibition (4 Oct – 27 Nov) Really the best thing about this museum are the people who run it.


Tell us a secret:

I always trust my instinct.


Favourite place to shop:

I am instantly in a good mood when I glide through the doors of Thomas Goode on South Audley Street. (heralding the first mechanical doors in London in 1876) The utterly charming morning-suited staff are always on hand for their superlative knowledge of everything in this fabulous British Establishment. My other treasure especially for buying gifts is ‘Hawkes & Sons’ on Walton Street, with old fashioned proper hand engraving for silver.


Favourite place to find inspiration:

Vincenzo Caffarella in Alfie’s Antique Market on Church Street NW8. I cannot get enough of the 1960’s Italian design; especially furniture, lamps and objét by Roberto Rida.


Best London destination for a date:

It has been over a quarter of a century since I have been on a ‘date’, so I would encourage my single friends to try afternoon tea at The Milestone Hotel in the black and white conservatory. Very cosy, very quaint and very romantic; even in the rain.


Favourite park:

Holland Park, of course. The Rose Garden, Summer Opera, Belvedere Restaurant. best playground in London, Kyoto Garden, enticing Ice House Gallery, the Peacocks! It’s all going on in this quirky London park.


Favourite food market:

C.Lidgate’s Butcher on Holland Park Avenue. Only the very best meats and poultry here and my boys love their sensational pies. They are consistently winning awards for their delectable dishes. Michanicou Brothers, just off Holland Park Avenue are the finest green grocers par excellence, phone orders welcome and they deliver.


Your sanctuary in the city:

My house, always. I am such a home body that I would much rather entertain at home than anywhere else. My second home is Edera Restaurant. Consistently delicious Sardinian Cuisine. Spa pampering by Jax at the magical Pond Place Pod.


What inspires you?

Nature. Everything begins with the beauty of nature. I could stroll through The Natural History Museum for hours; especially the zoology collection, containing every species known to man.


This season I’m loving:

Anything in tweed. This super traditional fabric (not to mention water resistant and warm) is so versatile and line with a bright satin for a bit of flair. I love it and have actually designed my own that can be seen on all my packaging and displays for my jewellery line. Also, Amanda Lacey’s Oils of Provence for soft beautifully scented skin.


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