Jack Ostrowski – Founder & CEO reGAIN app

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Polish British Entrepreneur Jack Ostrowski is the Founder & CEO of the reGAIN app, the UK’s first app for the recycling of unwanted clothing. The app helps consumers turn unwanted clothes into discount coupons for leading retailers in the UK, helping to divert tonnes of unwanted clothing from going to landfill. Ostrowski is the winner of the QUEENS AWARDS FOR ENTERPRISE in International Trade Category (2010) for dynamic export growth, which Jack won for his first business, Yellow Octopus, which provides sustainable stock exit solutions for leading British fashion retailers. The creation of the reGAIN app came about from Jack’s first-hand experience of handling post-consumer textiles for the UK retail fashion industry and his personal experience of watching his teenage daughter’s shopping habits and her love of fast fashion.

We caught up with Jack for the latest in our ‘My London’ series.


Favourite neighbourhood:

I really like the Holland Park area. I’m a big fan of design and architecture and this place has got some of the most beautiful buildings on the planet.


Favourite place for brunch:

Top floor restaurant in Selfridges. I love the food, the choice and the atmosphere.


Best coffee in London:

I’m not picky. I’m really into coconut cappuccinos and so I’ll often go to Starbucks or Costa for one.


Favourite gallery or museum:

The Design Museum in Kensington. It covers all sorts of design – from graphic, industrial, architecture and fashion.


Tell us a secret:

During my Harvard Business School course I was in one class with Tyra Banks, the Supermodel and Next Top Model founder. And people think HBS is for geeks!


Favourite place to shop:

Selfridges on Oxford Street. For me it’s the best shop in the world. I love the atmosphere and all the history and heritage which comes with it.


Favourite place to find inspiration:

Heathrow Airport. I love to sit and simply look at the beautiful mix of people on their way somewhere. So much action. People from all walks of life, all nationalities and religions. Such a vast number of people on the go and such a cultural mix. It inspires me a lot.


Best London destination for a date:

If it’s the right person it could be anywhere. Anywhere in London or else where. All I would say it should be always well thought out and personal.


Favourite park:

Kensington Gardens. I like it early in the morning when its empty and on the weekends. Same park, but a totally different experience.


Favourite food market:

Any. I’m serious. You give me a food market and I’m in heaven. Virtually every food market I visit is my favourite. I absolutely love them.


Your sanctuary in the city:

My bath. This to me is sanctuary. Calmness, mindfulness, rest and spirituality.


What inspires you?

People who challenge the status quo and take action to tackle big social problems. I’m really inspired by Dame Ellen MacArthur who’s foundation is working to solve the problem of plastic and fashion pollution. I’m so proud that my company is part of the Make Fashion Circular program run by the foundation.


This season I’m loving:

Minimalism. I’m really into experimenting with how many things we really need to live a happy and fulfilled life. It’s a challenging but rewarding experience.



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