My London: Erin Wentworth – Manager of Pall Mall Barbers, Westminster

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Erin Wentworth is the manager of Pall Mall Barbers Westminster, one of four of their London based stores. Londoner Erin has been barbering for 13 years and is regarded as one of the top beard sculptors and traditional wet shavers in London. Pall Mall Barbers has a heritage of 120 years and Erin is happy to be a part of that. At Pall Mall Barbers, Erin specialises in wet shaving lessons too and you can book in for a masterclass with them. Aside from barbering, Erin has many interests including creative art, reading and collection vintage vinyl to play on her beloved Dansette Bermuda 50s record player.


Favourite neighbourhood:

I’d have to say Greenwich is my favourite neighbourhood, the eclectic mix of historic architecture and forward fashion boutiques satisfies any cultural need.


Favourite place for brunch:

The Electric Elephant Café in the back streets of Elephant & Castle. They serve the tastiest Eggs Benedict plus their outdoor seating is in the beflowered, cobbled lane of the Artist Studio, Pullens Yard. It’s an enchanting sight in the summer.


Best coffee in London:

I’m not much of a coffee connoisseur but around the corner from Pall Mall Barbers Trafalgar is a small coffee shop called The Borough Barista. Our Barbers love their coffee and friendly staff.


Favourite gallery or museum:

The Imperial War Museum is a firm favourite, every South London child’s first (very exciting) school trip was the IWM. Childhood nostalgia along with its terribly infamous past as London’s Bedlam Asylum, it always holds a certain fascination for me.


Tell us a secret:

Not London’s best kept secret but It’ll be news to some. On a small side road to the left of The National Portrait Gallery is a barbershop that is over 120 years old. I have worked at Pall Mall Barbers flagship shop for 5 years now and I consider it home. The store is a hive of activity, a friendly modern team among the traditional wood paneled setting, performing the highest standard of haircuts and shaves.


Favourite place to shop:

I adore Fortnum & Mason. Everything is a treat inside those walls, from the décor down to packaging it all feels so luxurious. So even when you are just buying biscuits it feels like a major treat.


Favourite place to find inspiration:

It sounds obvious but the Barbershop, we have a wide range of gentlemen from different cultures and sub cultures that frequent our shop and are a constant source of inspiration from their personalities to their style.


Best London destination for a date:

I recently went on a date to Opium. It’s a Chinese/Cantonese speakeasy hidden away in Chinatown. With its moody lighting, Dim Sum menu and a whopping selection of cocktails that come in kitsch glasses, it’s hard not to be impressed.


Favourite park:

Not really a park but a great place to have a walk is Nunhead Cemetery. Bit grim you might think but it’s well over one hundred years old with a gothic church on the grounds. Plus, as an added piece of London history the cemetery was shut down for around 10 years and left to ruin, the trees reclaimed the ground and when it was reopened try as they might the groundskeepers could only clear so much. Now as you walk the paths through the cemetery you can see grave stones and marble angles among the trees. It’s a chillingly beautiful sight.


Favourite food market:

Maltby street market in Tower Bridge is a small but plentiful foodie haven. I recommend the mead stall and Monty’s deli for THE best salt beef/pastrami sandwiches and Latkes around.


Your sanctuary in the city:

Telegraph Hill is my sanctuary. It has incredible views of the London Skyline but is high up enough to drown out the sound of city life.


What inspires you?

I’m inspired by other people’s style and confidence in their differences. London is a hub of alternative style and sub cultural life and seeing people strut their individual style along the street daily gives me inspiration.


This season I’m loving:

Whilst I’m not a conventional follower of fashion, I do appreciate the beauty in the seasonal styles released by fashion houses. I found early on that I identified with the Mid-century clothing style, with its floral hour glass figures and swing dresses. I have recently read up about a sub culture of Mexican/American ladies in the fifties called La Pachuca’s! Their style was ahead of their time with hard line masculine blazers with shirts along with wide leg pants paired with ultra-feminine fifties pompadour hair and makeup. It’s a show stopping statement look!


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