My London: Claire Goldsmith – MD of Oliver Goldsmith

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Claire Goldsmith comes from a long linage of eyewear designers. In 1926 her great Grandfather, in both media and telecoms. In 2006 she took the reins of the then dormant Oliver Goldsmith sunglasses brand and re-launched. The re-launch was a great success and this led Claire to launch her own eyewear label in 2009.

Today Claire manages the OG sun and CG collections OG taking the role of retrospective, heritage brand, and CG a more contemporary optical collection. Same DNA but a fresh, new face of Goldsmith glasses.


Favourite neighbourhood:

Hampstead/Belsize Park – I’m a North West Londoner, born and bred, and whilst I like the hubbub of the city, I also love Hampstead/Belsize Park because it’s so green and leafy, and you have so much space around you, such as Hampstead Heath on your doorstep. Its perfect in every way. Other than you need to be a millionaire to live there!


Favourite place for brunch:

I had a pretty good brunch at The Riding House Café not so long ago! The French toast was as naughty as it gets! Needless to say there was no evidence of it once we had finished.


Best coffee in London:

The Tin Shed on All Saints Road make the most delicious cup of coffee I know of! I’m not just saying it. It’s true. This small artisan café tucked away on the same street as the OG Store LDN is actually the kitchen to The Elgin Grocer – and any one will tell you the food there is delicious too!


Favourite gallery or museum:

The V&A – I just love the diversity of the collections there from art to clothing to artefacts. I also love their smaller exhibitions. I recently went to one called REVOLUTION which was all about the 60’s covering music, design and fashion. To my surprise there was a cabinet dedicated to Oliver Goldsmith and our contribution to fashion eyewear of the time!

As for favourite gallery, I love The Photographers Gallery, in Soho. I am a big fan of Photography as art and have a few photos in my house that even after years of owning them I still gaze at, wondering more about the moment captured in the photo. This gallery always show the kind of photography I just love.


Favourite place to shop:

Ebay! I just love buying old stuff on eBay! I buy all sorts of things from furniture to cars, to 100 old cameras and a massive 1950’s TV set as props for our store. Reclaimed wooden bedside tables, up-cycled airplane storage containers made into medicine cupboards. I just love finding unique and individual items and I find eBay is a great place to find them before they land in vintage shop and get price inflated beyond their worth!


Best London destination for a date:

I’ve been married for 10 years so I’m probably not the best person to answer this!


Favourite food market:

Borough Market of course. It’s the best one in London if you like food. And whilst I am not a great cook of food, I do like to eat it!


Your sanctuary in the city:

I quite like the Dean Street Townhouse for a cozy sit down and bite to eat.


What inspires you?

Great ideas and great stories. I love to hear about how a great idea was born whether it be out of adversity or necessity. I love organic stories. Its why I love the OG story. It’s a story of one family’s mission to change the way we see the world.


This season I’m loving:

Chris Gelinas, a young designer from New York who I was lucky enough to be introduced to last year and subsequently we went on to do a collaboration frame called MARIANNE based on a muse image of Marianne Faithful that Chris had on his wall. It just so happened that the frame she is wearing is an OG frame so we felt that the collaboration was meant to be! But Chris is an incredibly nice and talented designer and I own a couple of his pieces and they are super elegant but statement pieces at the same time.


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