My London: Cassie Snelgar – Designer & Entrepreneur

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Cassie Sneglar is a rising star in the world of digital entrepreneurship as well as designer, influencer (with a combined following of 800k) and mental health campaigner from South Africa, based in London. After successfully launching ethical fashion brand CASLAZUR in 2013, Cassie realised there was a gap in the market for user-focused and engaging online shopping so last year she launched The X Cartel, an e-commerce and editorial platform that partners with creative influencers, celebrities and brands from around the world to develop curated content on fashion, beauty and travel. Within the first six months of launching the site reached 100k unique monthly browsers and is growing quickly.

We caught up with Cassie for the latest in our ‘My London’ interview series.


Favourite neighbourhood:

I love Chelsea, where I live. I pride myself on my encyclopaedic knowledge of all of SW3’s best gyms, cafes, shops and places to go and get a sneaky blow dry.


Favourite place for brunch:

Anywhere on Pavilion road, a super cute cobbled street with some of my favourite cafes, bakeries and gelaterias. Granger and Co. is my go-to spot, the walk to there from my house is just far enough that I can justify my (usually massive) order of ricotta hotcakes.


Best coffee in London:

A Wanted Man on the King’s Road. The charming baristas, Malou and Ivan, have become like celebrities in the area.


Favourite gallery or museum:

The Tate Modern. I vividly remember going there as an Architecture student with my sketch pad, doodling ideas and taking notes as I explored the halls. It’s not the most original choice but every time I go, I am reminded of the magic of discovering London for the first time as a bright-eyed little beasty.


Tell us a secret:

I’ve never met a lycra legging I didn’t love. I spend 90% of my life in active wear which is really only appropriate for the 2% of the time I actually make it to the gym. At the moment I am living in P.E Nation and The Upside.


Favourite place to shop:

This seems like a good place to name drop my site The X Cartel, But offline, I really enjoy finding amazing ‘previously loved’ designer goods with pop-ups like Officially Worn or exploring the vintage shops in Portobello Market. Anywhere you can smash a crepe between stores is also a plus – Exhausting work needs fuel!


Favourite place to find inspiration:

I don’t really have a formula for inspiration so it’s not really tied to a place but rather getting into the right headspace. I love working in cafes because I find the noise and commotion helps me get into a creative zone. People watching and being exposed to other people’s music also helps me get out of my own head and look at things in a fresh light. Instagram is also a very inspiring tool if you use it in the right way. I love being able to discover the work of a new chef or architect at the double click of a button.


Best London destination for a date:

There’s a wonderfully intimate little Italian place called La Mia Mamma where they ‘import mammas’ from all over Italy for a season to cook traditional Italian food for you. The atmosphere is so warm and authentic, they have excellent wine (a must for a date night in my opinion) and they come around with all sorts of extra dishes for you to sample. It’s the best!


Favourite park:

Has to be Hyde Park. Which may or may not have something to do with its proximity to my favourite cocktail bar at The Connaught – The perfect place to end a weekend stroll.


Favourite food market:

Duke of York Square offers the nicest little outdoor food market every Saturday. They boast everything from oysters to vegan wraps and delicious burgers. A couple of glasses of champagne there is an excellent lubricant for the old purse strings before stumbling into a few boutiques along the King’s Road.


Your sanctuary in the city:

My home or my Muay Thai gym, Stars Gym in Battersea. One for relaxing and one for whacking away stress. The walk across Albert Bridge to get between the two is also very special.


What inspires you?

Everything and anything.


This season I’m loving?

Bedazzled sandals, Game of Thrones, Pizza masquerading as a health food with Humble Pizza opening up in Chelsea, and everything Isabel Marant. I am also loving the movement towards seeking out high-quality down-time activities rather than mindless scrolling on social media.


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