My London: Brian Brick – CEO of Moss Bros

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Brian Brick is the CEO of men’s formalwear specialists North London and studied accounting at Manchester University before following his father into the retail business. He joined the Moss Bros group in 2008, being promoted to his current position only a few months later. A recent star of the Channel 4 series Undercover Boss, we caught up with him for the latest in our Q&A series.

When did fashion/a sense of personal style first become important to you?

I’ve always been interested in fashion from a very young age. It was probably from around aged 10 that I started taking an interest.

Who is your style icon (living or dead)?

I love the whole Steve McQueen, Brian Ferry and David Bowie look.

How would you describe London style?


If you could live anywhere else in the world where would it be (and why)?

Barcelona – a beautiful city, amazing architecture and wonderful food.

Limited to just a suitcase, which items from your wardrobe would you have to take with you?

A pair of brown Tod’s shoes, denim jeans, navy chinos, a white single and double-cuffed shirt and a pair of boxers.

What are your most used grooming/beauty products?

I’m a Kiehl’s man and the hair cream is a must-have.

When and where did you look your best?

Not when I was Dennis (his undercover character in Undercover Boss)! At my 25th wedding anniversary, mainly because I was with my wife who looked beautiful.

Which is your favourite season of the year (and why)?

Autumn – I love how the trees change colour.

Who in your own family most influenced your sense of style?

My wife!

If life was a movie, which film would you most like to live in?

Field of Dreams.

Which grooming or fashion mistakes most irk you in others?

No belt in trousers with belt loops. Lazy!

Cat or dog?


What lesson would you pass on to younger people following in your shoes?

Work hard but follow your dreams.

What motivates you in your career?

Success and being creative.

If you could trade looks with anyone who would that person be?

I actually don’t go around thinking about it! David Beckham and George Clooney are not looking too shabby!

What category of clothing are you most drawn to/are most likely to overspend on?


Which is your most treasured sense?


Name three elements of a perfect holiday

Weather, food and family.

If you could change a single aspect of your appearance what would it be?

My stomach!

Your ideal lunch venue and guest

Palazzo Sasso in Ravello with my wife.

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