Interview: Brandon Svarc – Founder of Naked & Famous Denim

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Brandon Svarc is the founder of style, pizza and his sharply dressed Grandfather.


1. When did fashion/a sense of personal style first become important to you? Well, I don’t know if I would call it “fashion” per se, but I grew up in the apparel and workwear industry. My grandfather founded our parent company and so the garment industry has always been in my blood.


2. Who is your style icon (living or dead)? I’d have to say my grandfather Paul. He always knew how to dress sharply and appropriately – truly old school.


3. How would you describe London style? If anyone gives you a single answer to this question they are bullshitting you. There is no such thing as “London style”. The whole beauty of style in a big and multicultural city like London is that it is so varied. London is fun because you can see punk style, classic tailored looks, preppy, grungy, crazy and everything in between.


4. If you could live anywhere else in the world where would it be (and why)? I love living in Montreal and don’t plan to move, but hypothetically perhaps New York or Toronto. What can I say, I’m a North East kind of guy! New York and Toronto are full of opportunity and are strong commercial markets. Some people prefer laid back West Coast style, but I prefer the hustle and bustle of the North East.


5. Limited to just a suitcase, which items from your wardrobe would you have to take with you? Limited to one suitcase for the rest of my life? Jeans, undies, socks, shirts, tshirts, a suit, hoodie, jacket and 2 pairs of shoes.


6. What are your most used grooming/beauty products? I use matte hair paste every day. Aftershave for, well, after I shave. And sometimes some body lotion for dry skin.


7. When and where did you look your best? When I was 22 to 24 years old probably. I mean, that is when most men are at their physical peak. I used to be able to jump up and hang on to a basketball rim… now my shoulder hurts just thinking about it!


8. Which is your favourite season of the year (and why)? Autumn is so beautiful here in Canada! Plus my birthday is in September. And of course, denim sales are strongest in the Fall!


9. Who in your own family most influenced your sense of style? I guess I already answered this above… My grandfather Paul Svarc.


10. If life was a movie, which film would you most like to live in? Hmm… that is a tough question. Maybe some kind of soft-core porno with lovely nude ladies running around? (Sorry, bad joke!) Actually the music would probably drive me crazy…


11. Which grooming or fashion mistakes most irk you in others? The “guido” aka “brah” aka “Jersey Shore” look is pretty ridiculous. It really still does exist too – spiked Mohawk, deep v-neck T-shirt with rhinestones, white belt and white pumas.


12. Cat or dog? Octopus.


13. What lesson would you pass on to younger people following in your shoes? I recommend to all young designers or brand builders to “sell it yourself”. Just ask yourself, “who loves your brand more than you?” and “who knows more about your brand that you?” if the answer is “nobody” then how can you let anyone else sell it?


14. What motivates you in your career? Creating something from nothing. Creating a brand that people love that would have never existed. Creating crazy innovative products like the heaviest denim in the world, glow-in-the-dark jeans, thermochromic jeans that change color with body heat, etc.


15. If you could trade looks with anyone who would that person be? It might be fun to be Kate Upton for a day, just to see what it would be like to be one of the hottest people in the world. But perhaps it would get tiring to have people constantly drooling over you. Wait, you said “trade” looks, does that mean she gets my looks too? That wouldn’t be very good for her swimsuit modelling career… oh well.


16. What category of clothing are you most drawn to/are most likely to overspend on? Probably suits. I have some Native Son suits that are made in the Martin Greenfield factory in Brooklyn who is one of the best tailors in the world. The suits are pricey, but worth it if you can afford it.


17.Which is your most treasured sense? I could probably get away with no sense of smell, but life would be pretty difficult without sight, so I’m gonna go with that.


18.Name three elements of a perfect holiday? My wife being happy, no stress, and also my wife being happy.


19. If you could change a single aspect of your appearance what would it be? This is definitely the most vain interview question I’ve ever been asked! Hmm… what are you offering up? Six pack? Giant biceps? Cut jawbone? I don’t know. I’ll just concentrate on working hard and making badass jeans!


20. Your ideal lunch venue and guest? With my wife at Tasty Food Pizza.


Naked & Famous denim is available exclusively in London from Liberty, Regent St, London W1B 5AH

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