Top Outfits for a Night at a London Luxury Casino Resort

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Luxury casino resorts offer an appealing atmosphere for many and they have become top destinations around the globe. In London, there are number of luxury resorts where one will want to dress to the nines when they hit the casino floor or enjoy an evening of dining and dancing. While most casinos do not have dress codes, some of the more prestigious gambling locations in London may require certain clothes to be worn by patrons. This is done to keep up appearances and make sure the casino maintains its luxury status.


Casino Dress Codes

The majority of casinos that are operating will have a casual environment where players can wear just about anything. However, there are some luxury resorts that will have a dress code and tis is often in effect in the evening hours and in high roller locations in the casino. If a luxury casino resort does have a dress code, ladies will have to wear gowns or suits and the men will have to wear collared shirts and at least a sports jacket. In some of the more popular high roller rooms in London, it is common to see men in tuxedos and ladies wandering the gaming floor in evening gowns.

While outfits are not always required, many people who pay a visit to a luxury resort in London will want to dress the part. This is a luxurious experience and when gambling, there are quite a few high rollers. Having the perfect outfit will allow visitors to fit in and play the role of one living in the lap of luxury.

While an experience in a luxury casino resort is one that will always be remembered, not all gamblers will want to deal with dress codes or having to wear the best outfits. There are many casual settings in London where one can engage in exciting casino action and there are also many top rated and trusted online casinos, such as Casumo, where players can enjoy the best games from the comforts of home. With this option, players can set their own dress codes and still enjoy a thrilling and rewarding gambling experience playing some of the best games in the entire industry.


Top Luxury Casino Resorts in London

One of the most luxurious casino settings in all of London is the exclusive Les Ambassadeurs. This gambling club has an amazing view of Hyde Park and offers a stunning interior. At this casino, one will often find celebrity gamblers playing at the tables and there are also luxury private rooms for those that wish to host their own games of poker. Casual dress is seldom seen at this location and men will almost always be wearing suits with ties and the ladies don beautiful gowns and dresses.

The Ritz Club in London is another well known luxury resort and here, there is a states dress code. All gentlemen must be wearing a jacket and a shirt with a collar. No sneakers or sport clothes will be allowed on the gaming floor. The Ritz Club is a high stakes club that is for members only and it is located in the basement of the Ritz London. Here, one will find an open gaming salon that offers domed ceilings and discrete private rooms for those that are the cream of the crop.

Crockfords is another top rated luxury casino that offers an exclusive gambling environment. Since the casino prides itself on being luxurious, there is a strict dress code in place and all visitors must be wearing formal wear.


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