Top 7 Organic Fashion Brands for Teens That Will Fit Any Style

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So-called “fast fashion” is losing its popularity as consumers are looking for more sustainable options. Brands are responding to this demand by overhauling their production and other processes to be cleaner, greener, and more environmentally conscious.

Many textile companies have now turned to organic production and supplying fabrics to the eco-friendly fashion brands we know today.

Choosing organic fashion not only supports the planet, but also creates a more ethical working environment for everyone in the textile business and fashion industry.


Top 7 Innovative Organic Fashion Brands for Teens

In an effort to create zero waste products, organic fashion companies have mixed their trendy designs with sustainable quality materials.

When researching eco-friendly fashion labels in preparation to write my scholarship essay on sustainable fashion, these brands came up time and time again for their ethical manufacturing processes, commitment to lower their impact on the environment, and use of organic materials. If you need help do not be afraid to contact specialists at essay writing services.

1. Pact

Product types: tops, bottoms, sleepwear, dresses, shorts, skirts, etc.

Valued for its simplicity, this organic fashion company manufactures ethical pieces of clothing with a simple design.

The manufacturing process uses 95% less water than typical methods for processing cotton to reduce environmental damage.

The company promises that no child labor or sweatshops are used in the manufacture of any of their products. Instead, they commit to Fairtrade practices to ensure fair wages and safe working conditions for everyone involved in the production of their clothing.



Product Types: men’s and women’s fashion, kids clothing, accessories, and knitwear.

Boden is an organic fashion company that manufactures outfits and accessories for all ages. Their goal is to produce the most eco-friendly fashion by reducing gas emissions and adopting environmentally friendly production.

When it comes to sustainable manufacturing, the company has followed through. Since 1991, they’ve been using as much organic cotton as possible in their garments, and for more than 25 years, they’ve been members of the ETI (Ethical Trading Initiative) to create sustainable, recycled, and ethical products.

Boden clothing is made from the highest quality fabrics with simple designs in bold colours and patterns.

They also prefer to use eco-friendly packaging when distributing their products as much as possible.


3. Alternative Apparel

Product Types: tops, bottoms, and accessories.

It’s all about adorable and comfy clothing options with this eco-friendly fashion brand. All the products are manufactured in a clean and secure environment, without exploiting the workers.
The purpose of this eco-friendly fashion brand is to provide customers with on-trend clothing that won’t hurt the environment. They rely on organic fabrics to create the final product.


4. People Tree

Product Types: all kinds of clothing, underwear, jewelry, and gifts

Not many eco-friendly fashion brands use GOTS-approved dyes but People Tree is one of the few that does.

This organic fashion company is not a new addition to the market. In fact, the brand has been in the industry since 1991, when it was founded in the capital of Japan, Tokyo, by Safia Minney. After Safia realised how little people knew about the impact of sustainable living, she decided to become part of the change by creating her own organic label.


5. Threads 4 Thought

Product Types: apparel and accessories

With carbon emissions escalating, this organic fashion retailer decided to create sustainable garments that would revamp the fashion industry.

While they weren’t the first ones to get into the eco-friendly fashion business, they did produce some inspiring outfits. They mainly focus on bold designs with toned-down colours to fit every body type, shape, and size.

Their first collection consisted of a couple of T-shirts and simple designs. But, now 14 years later, their collection is massive and features all kinds of outfits and accessories.


6. Reformation

Product Types: women’s clothing, bridal, kids, denim, and footwear.

This is one of the most well known high-end eco-friendly fashion brands. They rely on sustainable and ethical working environments to manufacture on-trend apparel and accessories.
On their website, you can even see how much carbon dioxide and water waste have been saved through their manufacturing processes.

The company was first founded by a former model, Yael Aflalo, back in 2009, but it was then re-launched in 2012 and has been going from strength to strength ever since.


7. Madewell

Product Types: apparel, shoes, and accessories

This is an eco-friendly fashion retailer that mainly sells online. Their goal is to manufacture organic products and reuse old ones. So, feel free to donate your old shirts so they can get a new lease of life.



There are plenty of eco-friendly fashion brands for teens on the market, all offering top-quality wear. From the more affordable options like People Tree to high-end designs like Reformation, there is plenty to choose from. In the end, it all comes down to personal taste. As today’s teens are more eco-conscious than other generations that came before them, they’ll be happy to know there’s an organic fashion label to suit every style.

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