Top 5 Vegan products you need to know about

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Veganism has become largely popular in all countries over the last year or so, with brands such as KFC and Goodfellas taking the stance to bring healthier, more ethical and sustainable items to the food market. There’s also been a large increase in beauty products and clothing. Here is our round up of the five top vegan products that you may not know were on the market.


Liora Beauty Chocolate

Liora Beauty Chocolate is a delicious brand of luxury dark chocolate, manufactured with the body in mind. Bringing together organic and exotic ingredients, this range is both indulgent and elegant, with each product having been infused with organic naturally-sourced oils.

Chocolate is not only rich in antioxidants, but also linked to serotonin production, which can make you happier! The extensive range of bars blends premium ingredients to combat various challenges including signs of mature skin and hormonal issues. Plus, the chocolates are vegan friendly with no preservatives or GMO.

The brand’s gorgeous packaging makes an ideal gift, either for a loved one, or for oneself, from only £6.96! For a glimpse of the Liora range, see their site now.

All Plants

JP – is a multitalented man, having founded Africa’s first mobile bank, helping in excess of 10 million people across the African continent move from stowing cash away, to savings and an overdraft on their phone. He continues to build an award-winning retail health business, serving the primary healthcare needs of normal families in Kenya every day.

Alex – has a background in food, building Propercorn from a start-up to a booming culinary business. After 5 years, he partnered with his brother to follow his passion for sustainability, and created Allplants.

Allplants serves delicious, quick, healthy meals nationwide, with 50% of their customers labelling themselves as flexitarians. In 2017, they garnered approval from Michelin-starred chef Karim Sethi, and various celebrity customers including Duffy, Professor Green and Fleur East. Mouth-watering offerings include Cashew Mac, Black Bean Chilli, Jerk Jackfruit and Lasagne al Noci.

For more information see:

Instagram, Facebook & Twitter: @allplants

Vegan Kind

Karris is an animal lover and passionate vegan, who co-founded TheVeganKind with her partner Scott in 2013. Having been frustrated at the lack of vegan options in various supermarkets, Karris came up with the idea of a monthly vegan goodie box, posted straight through the door.

Karris was a vegetarian long-term, until stumbling across a video on YouTube showing male baby chicks being ground alive, which is a common practice in the egg industry. Upon realising that being vegetarian still contributed to animals suffering, she started to change her diet and quickly eliminated animal products.

As the mother of two vegan children (aged 2 and 6), wife to Scott (the other co-founder of TVK), and managing director of an exciting business, she doesn’t get too much time to herself, but if she does, you can normally find her lostin a good book, or catching up on her favourite youtube/instagram accounts.



Believe it or not, do you know that some mattresses aren’t vegan friendly? Luckily for you we’ve hunted down an exceptional mattress company that provides a whole range of vegan goodies from the actual mattress iself to a place for your most loved pooches to rest their heads.

The OTTY mattress offers a unique combination of 14cm-long encapsulated pocket springs, luxury reflex foam and Cool Blue Gel infused memory foam, which were engineered to work together to create the best support for your body contours and joints, while keeping your body temperature at optimal level throughout the night.

This results in a consistently comfortable night’s sleep and ensures you wake up feeling fully refreshed and ready for the day ahead!



Nush the UK’s first dairy-free, soya-free, nut milk yoghurt brand, has launched Nush In A Rush, the UK’s first range of dairy-free yoghurt tubes, that are designed for kids over six months to enjoy mess-free (RRP £2.99: 5 x 40g).

Available in two delicious varieties: Strawberry Tubes and Blueberry Tubes, the range is made from the finest almond milk yoghurt, containing up to 20% pure almonds. Spoon-free, each serving provides the delicious taste and plant-protein rich nutritional benefits of Nush in a mess-free and convenient format.

The hassle-free range comes in a box of five tubes, making them a perfect lunchbox addition and they can also be frozen, thawing out in time to be eaten. Ideal for picnics, they can also be enjoyed as an after-school treat or on the move to keep the little ones going until you get home.

Kids love them for their delicious taste and parents will love them for their all-natural ingredients. Each portable tube is vegan, free from refined sugar, gluten, soya, preservatives and additives and is comprised of whole ingredients. The light and creamy yoghurt is produced by blending the best quality avola almonds from Sicily with filtered water and vegan probiotic cultures. Fresh British strawberries and blueberries are pureed and added to each serving

The easy handheld format and the playful packaging, featuring fun fruit characters, allows kids to harness the nutritional benefits of almond milk yoghurt in a mess-free way, without the need of cutlery or crockery.

The yoghurt is fortified with probiotic cultures, which are aged with the almond milk during the production process, supporting gut health. Almonds have the highest concentration of nutrients per gram than any other nut. They are low in saturated fat and are a natural source of hunger-satisfying protein, the powerful antioxidant and complexion boosting Vitamin E and potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorous and iron.

Nush In A Rush Blueberry Tubes and Strawberry Tubes are sold in a box of five individual tubes and should be kept chilled. The range is available at Ocado with an RRP of £2.99.

This new variety is the latest addition to the Nush family of products, which includes a range of almond milk yoghurts and cashew milk yoghurts.


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