Top 10 Fitness and Health trends for 2018

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Can trends really have that domino effect and influence the way we do things? If your regular workout or eating habits aren’t cutting it for you, then it may be time to mix it up and completely overhaul your regime. Put these hottest trends on your must try list and see if you reap the rewards.


1. High – Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

HIIT workouts involve short bursts of intense activity followed by a short rest and recovery period. This can take as little as ten minutes, so it’s super-efficient for those time savvy individuals. Try burpees, tuck jumps, mountain climbers and sit ups to get that heart racing and sweat dripping.


2. Wearable Technology

Think fitness trackers and smart watches. Fitness trackers give you the motivation to get up and move as it monitors your heart activity and movement throughout the day. Seeing how little (or how much) you do is enough to give you the boost to take your performance to the next level.


3. Yoga

This particular trend has been on the list for many years but it’s moved up in 2018 due to its popularity. Great for improving flexibility and balance, it can help build muscle strength and endurance as well as provide mental clarity. There are various styles to choose from including Hatha, Bikram or Ashtanga, so you won’t get tired of practicing your yoga skills.


4. Plant-based diets

More and more people are trying plant based foods as an alternative source of protein. Menus are incorporating a wider range of vegetarian and vegan options for consumers due to the rise in popularity of superfoods. Embrace a plant based diet a few times a week by reducing your meat intake, and enjoy delicious healthy alternatives. Go to this site to check out the reviews of a supplement if you are serious about plant-based diet.


5. Group training

Group fitness classes are a great way to try a new workout or mix up your routine. Working out with a group of people (no less than five) is intended to be motivational and effective for people of different fitness levels. It’s also a reason to ensure you commit to your workout when signing up. This can be anything from energetic HIIT classes, body combat workouts or Zumba.


6. Strength Training

An extremely important element of any fitness routine is strength training. It helps keep your bones and heart healthy and prevents pains and injury in everyday life. By improving and developing muscle mass this will play a vital role in maintaining a healthy metabolism.


7. Box it Out

One of the trendiest workouts thanks to supermodels Gigi Hadid and her sister Bella, is this fitness craze aimed to keep you lean but toned. Boxing will take your stamina to the next level, build muscle and endurance and burn calories. Give this a go if you’re looking for an adrenaline fuelled workout.


8. Experienced fitness professionals

The key to maximising the most of your workout is to ensure that you have the proper form when training. It’s important to have people who can educate those looking to get fit in a way that’s safe and effective. Fitness certification programmes continue to grow, and getting certified simply means that you’re a legitimate trainer who has studied and passed a test on gym safety, proper exercise form and training guidelines.


9. Senior fitness activity

Staying active is crucial in keeping your bones and muscles healthy as you age. Senior adults are taking an active part in keeping their health in check by doing what they can to keep moving. We may see a boom in programmes tailored to retired people looking to stay fit.


10. Matcha

Throughout the emergence of superfoods, one drink has been a trend for a while – try switching your morning coffee for a matcha tea or latte instead. Unlike traditional green tea, matcha is high in antioxidants because it’s a powder, so you end up consuming the entire leaf, therefore gaining more nutrients. Next time you grab for that coffee go for a matcha latte instead. Combine a teaspoon of matcha powder with hot water in a mug, add some steamed milk and you’re good to go!


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