The latest trends in cosmetic dentistry this spring

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Dentistry is one of many industries currently evolving and changing thanks to the introduction of new technologies and business structures.

After personality, many men and women rate smiles as the most attractive feature in a person. Because of this, a quarter of Brits have undergone some form of cosmetic dentistry, and the industry is now worth an estimated £2 billion, according to information publisher Raconteur.

Spring is around the corner which means the countdown to summer will soon be on; thus there is plenty to smile about already! And with more and more Brits lusting after that perfect smile, what are the latest trends in cosmetic dentistry for the spring of 2019?

Composite bonding

This is becoming an increasingly preferable alternative to veneers. A cosmetic dentist is the ultimate solution for broken and chipped teeth, and one of the treatments the dentist is likely to offer is composite bonding. Bonding is a treatment able to preserve and repair the natural look of the person’s tooth.

While many dentists work only to support the functionality of the tooth, composite bonding serves to strengthen the tooth and improve its aesthetics. The composite resin used is similar to the natural enamel of teeth and, with the procedure being painless, a bright new smile may not be far away.

Teeth whitening

Regardless of how thoroughly and regularly you brush and floss, unfortunately, this cannot prevent your teeth from becoming stained. They may be stained for a number of reasons, and this is often down to drinking tea, coffee, or wine, while smoking has also been known to discolour the teeth.

Essentially, teeth whitening involve the bleaching of the teeth. While there are many viable DIY teeth whitening kits, supervised tooth whitening by a dental care professional such as Ten Dental is the recommended route. This is because an expert will ensure safety during treatment and a brighter looking smile. It should be noted that teeth whitening can sensitise the teeth for a few days following treatment, so you may wish to go easy on the Easter eggs for a little while.


It may be that teeth whitening isn’t for you, and you may not fancy cosmetic bonding. Thankfully, veneers are another cosmetic dentistry trend that is set to continue to thrive this spring.

Veneers are wafer thin slivers of porcelain attached to the teeth in order for repair. As well as the repair of the teeth, they can also hide discolouration and gaps between them. Moreover, veneers are able to amend the appearance of crooked teeth to enhance your smile.

Administrative changes

As well as the practicing of cosmetic dentistry procedures, how such treatments are administrated is to continue reform this spring. Dentists should expect to see competitors use social media as an advertisement tool. Patients are also likely to use online review boards to discuss their treatment – a great way to get referrals.

Digital capabilities are advancing meaning dental practices are experiencing an influx of new software. This new software will assist with online scheduling and payments. Practices should expect customers to want to make appointments online, rather than over the phone. Financing options are another trend on the rise and with cosmetic procedures increasing, the option to spread payments over time is warmly welcomed by patients.

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