The Dos and Dont’s of Winter Style

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The cold winter weather can be a fashion conundrum for many. Although staying bundled up in multiple pieces of clothing is a top priority, it’s easy to get lost in your layers and forget about individuality and style. So if you’ve found that your winter wardrobe might need a pick-me-up this season, here are some tips for striking that balance between fashion and function for looking effortlessly cool and cozy.

Do Learn the Art of Layering

As temperatures go down during this season, your clothing layers have surely begun to pile on. This is why it’s essential to learn and master the art of layering so that you can construct your outfits without complicating the process. Remember that your lightest layers are the pieces you wear first, and that the colours of your clothes must complement one another. Also, you’ll need to see that your ensemble is completed with the proper winter accessories, as this is a final layer that you shouldn’t forget. Whether it’s a chic silk scarf or a vintage-style flat cap like this one featured on The Independent, accessorising can make all the difference for a wonderful winter style.

Don’t Stick to the Same Look

The cold temperatures might tempt you to play it safe when it comes to your winter fashion. But, you must not let the infamous “winter tiredness” seep into your clothing choices by wearing the same outfit time and time again. After all, with the many colours, textures, and styles to choose from, winter is a perfect season to put your best fashion foot forward. Case in point, Woman Within’s range of cosy coats and jackets showcase the many options available for the fashion-forward people out there. Having a range of different pieces helps you switch things up depending on the weather condition — put on a fluffy parka when it’s freezing or don a dapper raincoat when it showers. Mixing up your sartorial selection is a stylish way to avoid both looking and feeling sluggish during the winter.

Do Embrace Patterns

While welcoming the New Year — and decade — this season, you can brighten up your wardrobe as well by making the most of classic winter prints. From plaid and polka dots, to argyle and houndstooth, be sure to make a style statement by embracing patterns. If you’re worried about not appearing classy or cool enough, there’s no need to fret. As we’ve previously highlighted in ‘Set Stylish Standards in London this Winter’, you shouldn’t be afraid to embrace things you truly like as they help complete your look. To inject some fun into your winter outfits, you can sport a plaid jumper such as this bright blue one from Pull and Bear. Although the weather may be cold, incorporating signature prints adds a special winter warmth to whatever you wear.

Don’t Wear White Shoes

From ankle boots to trainers, white footwear seems to be all the rage right now in the fashion world. But it’s best if you stay away from this pristine colour during the winter, as the snow can create problems for your shoes not to mention the mud. If you want to avoid your footwear getting dirty or becoming damaged, why not invest in a classic pair of Chelsea boots? Not only do these timeless and sleek shoes suit both ladies and gentlemen, but they’re sturdy enough to endure the snowy ground. A pro-tip? Go for those in leather material, since suede ones are vulnerable during the winter weather as well.

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