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Tess Daley’s greatest Strictly Come Dancing dresses

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Tess Daley has been the cause of many Twitter debates following her fashion choices while presenting ‘Strictly Come Dancing’. Saturday nights have become as much about Tess’ dresses as it has about the dancing. If viewers aren’t commenting on Twitter about the presenters controversial fashion choices, they’re playing Ladies Night at Gala Bingo.

Brighter Than the Sun

Tess wore a bright yellow Victoria Beckham dress for the first show of this year’s series. Featuring no sleeves, a high V-neckline and a pair of black court shoes with a boxy white heel, it seems that this bold fashion statement didn’t go down well with the fans of the show. Viewers were quick to comment on the presenter’s not-so-fabulous fashion choice on Twitter with one viewer referring to the yellow dress as ‘hideous’. Despite some of the negative comments, no one can deny that this dress is one that’ll make you stand out from the crowd. Similar looks can be found in Topshop and ASOS at a reasonable price, just make sure you don’t over-do the fake tan like Tess did!

Lady in Red

For the third week of the series, Tess Daley walked out looking glamorous in a slinky red dress with a sheer panel running down the front. This figure hugging Suzanne Neville dress was thought by some as being too tight for her figure. Some viewers even said that they couldn’t decide if she was just bloated or pregnant…ouch!  However, not all of the comments were nasty as one fan of the show said: “Tess Daly looked stunning in that red dress”, showing that not everyone was quick to thrash the presenter.

Little Black Dress

Tess Daley presented the results show of ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ with Claudia Winkleman. She wore a black dress that was quite tight at the top as well as a high neck and full skirt. The black satin dress from Suzannah Crabb held a quality of elegance to it and proves that this look is perfect for occasions when you don’t want to seem over-dressed. Similar (and more affordable) options can be found on Topshop in a range of different designs to suit any shape.


Image via Grazia

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