Simple Steps to Make Sure Your Glasses Suit Your Face

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Finding the right pair of glasses to match your face is no easy task – with so many options out there, it’s all too easy to feel a little overwhelmed. After all, choosing specs is a fairly major life decision! Like any other important decision we make, a little research and forward planning goes a long way. The first step towards this is learning about your natural face shape, so you can match your face with the perfect pair of glasses.

It turns out that most of us don’t really know what face shape we have, we just sort of guess by glancing in the mirror or by comparing with photos of celebrities. Contrary to popular belief, it’s actually really easy to find out, and once you know, you know forever!
How can I find my face shape?

Great news! Arlo Wolf have a super helpful face shapes matching tool which you can use to work out exactly what face shape you have – you can also match various types of frames with your face shape! All you need to do is look through, match your shape, and then browse the various types of spectacles that you know complement your look. You might be surprised what frames you can pull off and even really suit!

Types of face shapes

As unique as your face is, there are a few general face shapes and you are likely to match with one of them. Some face shapes are more common than others, of course. You may have a super rare shape such as the “diamond face shape”, which is defined by a narrow forehead, wide cheekbones and a narrow chin. Actress Megan Fox has this shape, so if you are one of the lucky souls who match with her, be proud! Here are some of the other shapes you could match with.

Square face shape

The square shape is characterised by a wide jawline and wide hairline/forehead area. Because of this broad shape along the forehead you will benefit from glasses which help soften the area. For this reason, a contrast can be quite aesthetically pleasing. Going for softer glasses with oval shaped frames will tend to suit this shape the best!

Round face shape

A round face shape is a very fortunate one indeed, as your glasses choices are wide open. Round faces tend not to have particularly strong features such as a strong hairline or jawline, meaning you can have your pick of the bunch with glasses frames. Arlo Wolf recommends glasses with an angular shape, and don’t be afraid to go for bold patterns and colours, as you are one of the lucky ones who can pull it off!

Rectangular face shape

Rectangular face shapes are more common than you might think. If you have this type of shape you are encouraged to go for strong, thick frames which complement your features. It’s likely that you are better off avoiding thin or rimless frames, as this shape can withstand much bolder designs.

Oval face shape

This is one of the most popular face shapes there are, and also one of the easiest to match glasses with. If you have an oval face shape you are essentially a “free agent” who can choose frames at random and probably suit them.
Heart face shape
Oh, to have a heart-shaped face! High cheekbones, a dainty chinline and a comparitavely broader forehead and hairline – this is seen as one of the most attractive face shapes out there. When it comes to glasses, you are advised to go for anything other than large, oversized frames which can drown out your subtle features.

Extra tips to make sure your glasses suit you!

Some final tips to make sure your glasses suit your face – as logical and perhaps obvious as they may sound, they can still come in handy when you are making that big decision.

Make sure your frames rest equally (with equal weight) on your ears – they should hug your temples but not grip them. Too loose and you’ll lose them: too tight won’t be comfortable and they’ll end up causing you unease.
The width of the frame needs to suit the width of your face from ear to ear
There should be either no gap, or only a very slight gap between the top of your nose and the bridge of the frame.

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