London’s Best Savile Row Tailors

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Mayfair’s Savile Row has been famous for tailoring for over 200 years. Popular with celebrities and the well-dressed gents alike, this street is the first port of call for those searching for top-of-the-range tailoring and the highest standard of suit alteration.

Here’s our guide to the best Savile Row tailors


Gieves and Hawkes

Blessed by the address of No.1 Savile Row, this tailor was the first on this iconic street to make ready-to-wear suits. Founded in 1771, the store, which was renovated in 2011, offers military wear, private tailoring and a wide range of suits.


Norton & Sons

Unlike some of the other tailors, Norton & Sons only has one store – on Savile Row. Remarkably the company produces less than 350 suits per year, making their designs even more exclusive and in the past suited King Edward VII and the young Winston Churchill.


Henry Poole & co

This tailor was founded in 1806 by James Poole and now has stores in Japan and China. In 1869 Henry Poole & Co received royal warrant after making Liveries for HM Queen Victoria and still produces court dress and state liveries today.



Producing both men’s and women’s suits, Huntsman has dressed royalty and many other famous faces since opening their store on Savile Row in 1919. One thing that makes Huntsman unique is their delivery method, taking 80% of their London orders to their new homes via a traditional Huntsman bicycle.


Richard Anderson

Travelling across the world to provide their services, Richard Anderson Tailors provide direct appointments to meet with their overseas customers. Despite being a relative newcomer to the Row (the store opened in 2011), the founders have extensive experience of both tailoring and working on Savile Row.

Without doubt Savile Row is one of, if not the most famous tailoring streets in the world. With its heritage and expertise, the address has established a reputation as the destination for the highest quality suit making out there, and it is likely The Row will remain that way for many years to come.


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