Roulette Inspired Tremendous Gadgets and Gifts

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Unquestionably one of the oldest and most popular casino games of all time, roulette has a long and colourful history. Invented by accident in 1655 by Blaise Pascal, the roulette machine was initially an attempt at making a perpetual motion machine. Although this valiant attempt at defying the laws of physics failed an exciting new game was born, which suited Blaise Pascal as he was a well-known gambler at that time.

Due to it’s easy to learn nature, roulette became an instant hit at casinos worldwide and continues to be one of the most played games of all time. The increasing popularity of roulette has led to many roulette-inspired fashion trends, gifts, and gadgets which are perfect for the gambler in your life.

Roulette Rolex

Checking the time has never been so stylish




Fancy feeling like James Bond whenever you check the time? The Submariner Casino Rolex features a 40mm stainless steel case and bracelet and is waterproof to 1,000 feet. An ideal purchase for any high rollers who feel like splashing some of their winnings on a nod to their gambling prowess. Of course, while analogue watches are cool, it is worth remembering that digital watches such as the Apple watch are starting to take over. This could be because it is super fun and easy to play casino games such as live roulette at 888casino no matter where you are, which gives them an edge over their manual counterparts.


Roulette Rims

Show the roads who’s boss with these sleek rims


Make a statement with these original and funky set of roulette rims, ideal for petrol heads who want to combine their love for Las Vegas with their passion for cars. Cruising around with these on your ride will surely bring luck on your next roll of the dice!


Roulette Licence Plate Holder

Pimp your car with these funky licence plate holders


Show your car some love and bring a bit of casino luck to your road trips with these seriously funky licence plate holders. High quality aluminium and premium inks mean that these holders will last forever, the perfect addition to any roulette fan’s automobile.


Roulette Cufflinks

A fun and stylish addition to any gambler’s wardrobe


These incredibly detailed roulette cufflinks are an ideal gift for anyone who likes to dress the part when they hit the casino. Complete with moving balls and intricately designed roulette boards, these beautifully subtle silver cufflinks will bring luck to the high roller in your life.

Roulette Drinking Game

Liven up any party with this casino inspired drinking game


The perfect way to bring the fun to your next house party, this spin n shot roulette drinking game is a super exciting and hilarious way to get the drinks in! Fill the glasses with mixtures of your favourite spirits, roll the ball and wait for the tension to rise as the wheel spins. Always make sure to enjoy alcohol responsibly to make the most of this awesome game.


Roulette Dartboard

Hit the roulette bulls eye with this vibrant dartboard


One of many incredible designs, this high-quality roulette dartboard is another great way to incorporate two passions in one game. Easily customisable and created to your exact specifications, this board would be a perfect addition to any games room.


Roulette Motorcycle Helmet

Make a statement with this roulette helmet


The incredible colourful design on this advance dual visor helmet means people will see you coming for miles. Featuring a lightweight durable aerodynamic thermoplastic alloy shell and a heavily cushioned interior, this is the perfect gift for gamblers who like living in the fast lane.


Roulette Wall Clock

Time to liven up the games room!


Keep track of gambling time and show off your love for roulette with this custom wall clock. Made with Grade A acrylic and available in 2 sizes, this is a great way to show the gamer in your life how much you love them.


Roulette Leggings

Fashion forward gamblers will love these leggings


Gifts aren’t often both stylish and comfortable, but these roulette leggings hit that sweet spot. Made with medium weight fabric which breaths and stretches to fit, they make a great addition to a gamers wardrobe which will stand the test of time.


Roulette Tie

Only for the seriously stylish


A luxury tie for those who like to display their love for roulette, this beautifully designed Italian silk tie is available in 4 colours and is sure to make an impact next time you hit the casino.


Roulette Hat

Tip your hat to other gamblers


Let everyone at the casino know you mean business by making an entrance with this baseball cap. This is also a great way to help you identify other gamblers when you are out and about.


Roulette Socks

Subtle but effective sock power


It’s not always about making the biggest and most flashy statement, sometimes it’s better to have a discreetly understated nod to your love for the casino. That’s where these socks come in. Made from a top quality polyblend fabric with a cushioned back heel for shock absorption, comfort, and durability, they will certainly bring a smile to anyone who notices them.


Roulette Earrings

Bring the bling to the casino


Add some roulette power to your outfit with a pair of casino inspired earrings. Perfect for finishing off any outfit for the casino, roulette players are certain to love them.


Roulette T-Shirt

Wear your love for roulette


Bring your A game to the roulette wheel by wearing this roulette print t-shirt. Made from breathable cotton with a durable long lasting print, this t-shirt is sure to turn heads at the casino.


Roulette Necklace

Keep roulette close to your heart


For those who simply cannot do without roulette, a necklace will mean you can keep it close to your chest always. Use it as a lucky charm for your next trip to the casino or simply as a fashion accessory.


So, there you have it folks, a great list of original gift ideas for the roulette player in your life. Roulette gifts are a fantastic way to bring fun and excitement to any occasion, we hope that these ideas have given you some inspiration for your next gift buying session!


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