Pride Fashion Across the World

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Brighton Pride just wrapped up this last weekend and as always it didn’t let down the promise of an opportunity for great live music, fantastic food and drink, and celebrating diversity for all ages.

As well as being one of the UK’s biggest and best parties, Brighton Pride also showcases some of the most imaginative and unique fashion you’re likely to see all year.

One of the best parts of Brighton Pride is the colourful and imaginative outfits that everyone wears. Literally anything goes – rainbow is the major colour theme, and the more glitter, feathers, and face-paint you can get away with, the better.

Is pride as colourful in other countries? Lets take a look at some pride fashion from around the world.

New York

New York Pride is one of the biggest pride events in the world and as might expect, it’s also one of the most fashion-forward festivals.

Black mesh was big this year – both for tops and bottoms in the form of mesh cycling shorts.

There was also plenty of flesh on show with some barely there outfits and a fair few “mankini” thong outfits on display.

Slogan tees were also popular, some referring to current popular trends including a little cropped number declaring the wearer to be “99% mermaid, 1% unicorn”.

The Levis store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn stocks a pride collection with custom embroidery option including denim, t-shirts, and knee socks.


Berlin runs several annual pride events apart from the main Pride parade including a leather fetish event – so there’s plenty of black leather around, although a little less this year due to the heat wave sweeping Europe.

The theme for this year was “My Life, My Identity, My Body” and the body part was certainly on display as festival-goers paraded under sweltering temperatures.

Accessories were the focus for many including over-the-top hats, balloons, the clever use of umbrellas as sun shades, and of course rainbow flags.


Madrid held a high heels race as part of their pride event this year, so there was plenty of fabulous footwear on show.

Just as with any pride event around the world, there were plenty of theatrical outfits on display but a more dressed-up overall, with many opting for suits and smarter dress.

The rainbow theme continued as with elsewhere in the world but there was a definite pink theme with many opting for outfits and accessories in shades of bubblegum and magenta (pink full-face makeup complete with glitter beard was one memorable look).

São Paulo

There was an emphasis on details for São Paulo’s Pride event this year with some carefully put together looks including a headdress made of bank notes and intricate rainbow makeup with glitter and beads.

The festival was politically charged with the upcoming Brazilian national elections and the theme of “Power for the LGBT — Our Vote, Our Voice,” inspiring plenty of slogan tees and protest-style placards.

More Global Pride Fashion

Attending another pride event? Or just want some ideas and inspiration for fashion that celebrates diversity? The Lyst Pride Fashion Guide shares some outfits worn by leading LGBTQ influencers to pride events across the globe, including slogan tees, rainbow trainers and faux fur jackets, complete with UK shopping links so you can recreate the look yourself.

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