New Year, New You? Watch how you go…

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Huawei Watch lets you work out in style as you track your progress in to 2016

Have big fitness goals for 2016? The classically designed Huawei Watch will help you to realise your goals rather than falling off the band wagon at the first hurdle (no pun intended!). It has all the smarts, the style, and the strength to overhaul any New Year fitness regime and help keep you on track.

Over a third of you who hit the gym in January will have cancelled your membership by the time the month is up. The smarter way across the board when it comes to keeping fit seems to be the DIY approach. With people increasingly using blogs and YouTube channels to help them train, practise yoga and more, you might want to take a fresh look at how to make 2016 your fittest and healthiest year yet.

We all know now about smart-watches and how they can track your fitness and help you to train better. For the first time now, though, you can do all of this in style. The Huawei Watch was released last year but now they have released a range of female-focused styles for the product.

Measure your heart-rate, track your runs, walks or even climbs (to name just a few!), staying active in 2016 won’t come easier than this. For more information, go to:

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