Mazda challenges convention with new “Make Things Better” Campaign

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If you’re the kind of person who likes to challenge conventions to make things better, then Mazda’s new series of films, projects and competitions should be right up your street. The company has collected engineers, entrepreneurs and general challengers who all strive for innovation, and aims to showcase their achievements with a campaign highlighting how they brought their original ideas to life.

In latest episode of the campaign, Mazda explores the story of mycologist Philip Ross. He’s mega into mushrooms, but not as food – he’s spent almost 20 years experimenting with them as an artist and now may have found the building material of the future. Phil has created a brand new mushroom based, eco-friendly building material with credentials that none of the current, unsustainable building materials can live up to. There’s potential for this material to revolutionize the building industry and Ross is at the forefront of this mycelium innovation.

Watch the full film below:

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