WATCH: Kate Moss on The Big Breakfast

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One of Croydon’s most famous exports, supermodel Kate Moss has dominated the world of fashion for decades. Her long and fruitful career began when she was scouted at the age of 14 by Sarah Doukas, founder of Storm Model Management, at JFK airport. Now 41, Moss has steered clear of public appearances for the most part, but for today’s #TBT we’re taking you back to an endearing and hilarious interview the model sat for back in the nineties.

Appearing on Channel 4’s The Big Breakfast, a young Moss wearing a simple black dress joined the show’s hosts to talk about her modelling career so far and latest book launch. Fresh faced and waif like, this rare footage captures Kate in the prime of her career, when her slim physique and natural look redefined beauty standards across the globe.

However, the real juicy part of the interview comes when she’s questioned about her then boyfriend, actor Johnny Depp. The pair, who were together for four years from 1994 to 1998, quickly became the ‘It couple’ of the decade, providing the perfect fairytale narrative of beautiful model falls in love with equally beautiful actor.

Questioned by host Gaby Roslin about their romantic life, Kate soon pulls out a laugh-out-loud anecdote that we weren’t quite expecting. Hint: it involves a diamond necklace and Johnny Depp’s behind.

Watch the above clip to see it for yourself!

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