10 Things You Might Not Know About James Norton

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Having made British audiences swoon in his roles in War and Peace and Grantchester, British TV star James Norton is now hotly rumoured to be the next James Bond. As the Cambridge graduate’s fans rally for him to take the part that would catapult him to A-list status, we give you the lowdown on the man behind the cheekbones.


1. He never graduated drama school

After university, James Norton enrolled at the prestigious RADA drama school but dropped out six months before finishing the course in order to take a part in a play and get his acting career off the ground.


2. He loves vintage fashion

One of James Norton’s favourite pastimes is rummaging through flea markets and he helps to stock the menswear section of his friend’s vintage clothing store.


3. He’s insecure about the size of his nose

It’s reassuring to know that even one of the nation’s young heartthrobs still has hang ups about the way he looks. In a quick-fire interview with the Daily Mail, they asked ‘When you look in the mirror you see…’ to which he answered ‘my big nose’.


4. He has Type 1 Diabetes

On The Jonathan Ross Show earlier this year, during an interview with Johnny Vegas, the comedian discussed being approached to present an event for The Diabetic Society, as they wrongly assumed he suffered from diabetes. Cringingly, James Norton was sat in the green room when Jonathan Ross received a message in his earpiece that James is in fact a diabetic and he openly discussed it for the first time.


5. He travelled around India and Nepal to explore Buddhism and Hinduism

Before he went on to study Theology at Cambridge University, he went to explore Eastern religions for himself in India and Nepal, though he says he doesn’t practice any religion.


6. He is a feminist

James has also openly described himself as a feminist, acknowledging the struggles faced by his female co-stars and tweeting feminist critiques of the shows he appears in.


7. He lives in Peckham

Proud to live south of the river, he owns a house in the up-and-coming London neighbourhood and has supported local activities like the campaign to restore Peckham’s lido.


8. His charitable causes include The Stroke Association

Two of James’ grandparents suffered from strokes and he has helped to raise awareness of The Stroke Association charity. He also helped to fundraise by riding in their Thames Bridges Bike Ride this year.


9. He has ambitions to be a director

James has expressed an interest in being on the other side of the camera too, telling The Telegraph “As an actor you are effectively one brushstroke in a painting, which is liberating at times, but at others I find myself wishing I could have a greater role in the overall storytelling.”


10. His life motto is ‘keep laid back’

Shortening it to KLB, James Norton revealed this little phrase to the Daily Mail, saying that his mum used to say it to him as an angsty teenager but it still comes in handy to the actor today.


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